Competitiveness - is it good?

We constantly hear about the competitiveness of products, companies, and t. E., But not everyone can understand what is at stake.In everyday life gets a huge amount of technical terms, and this is exactly the case.What is it that is competitive?It is an object property that indicates whether it can satisfy the needs as compared with the same.For example, consider the term is an example of two brands of washing powder.Product A cheaper, lower quality, poorly washes the fabric and not fully washed out.Powder B cleans better rinse well from the material, and costs the same.Obviously, the B grade product more competitive.Although the reality may fare somewhat differently.

This is a very simple example, really assess competitiveness - it is quite difficult.Taken into account a large number of factors that influence the popularity of a product or company.Although ultimately boils down to the analysis of the assessment ratio "price-quality" in the case of a product correctly assess competitiveness is not so simple.

What is it?To understand whether the market will fall this or that product, whether the company will burn through, or it will be a success.Similarly, of course, no one can say, and yet it often helps to avoid unpleasant surprises.Whatever it was, the buyer - and he is the chief judge and appraiser - has to be satisfied with the products and services or they may disappear from the market.That is why every manufacturer is always thinking about how to beat his rivals, and invent new methods of competitiveness and its enhancement.That is why every major company has a marketing team that is engaged.

Among marketers and economists often use the term "sustainable competitive advantage" (SAR).It denotes the unique feature of a product that can help in its implementation and in the promotion of the consumer environment.The unique taste, smell or color, chemical or physical properties, exclusive, free service, nice little things, like a toy inside the box of cereal for breakfast - whatever you like!Advertising items, manufacturers are usually very aggressively mention a particular feature of this product - it is the very UKP.

Management of competitiveness - is also not an easy task.It is necessary to take into account many different factors, and to find the right combination of them, a formula that will help keep the product on the market and gain popularity.You can go simple ways - to improve the quality and lower the price, and you can access non-standard approaches, such as introduce a lifetime warranty.

What is competitiveness?This is not such a simple question.Sometimes consumers are not obvious reasons, choose a lower quality product at a higher price.Packaging, advertising, location, availability of components, advice of friends - marketers, besides the economy, still have to learn the psychology of buyers and brand positioning in the market.Competitiveness - a mixture of many components, which when properly combined lead to success, and if the wrong - in the worst case a crash.