How to treat the bumps on the legs: expert advice

How to treat the bumps on the legs?This issue concerns mainly women.It is not surprising, because the huge protruding bones not only prevent wear beautiful shoes and open sandals, but also cause severe pain, making it difficult walking.In addition, they are able to distort even the most delicate foot, and both want to do in the summer pedicure, put on an ankle bracelet and ringing walk down the street, riveting views of their impeccable legs.


So, how to treat the bumps on the legs?It should immediately mention that the so-called "folk remedies" likely will not help you.Representatives of the older generation are advised to do hot baths with sea salt, iodine smear bones and even primatyvat them raw fish, but all these exotic methods give nothing.It is better not to waste time and consult a podiatrist, he will examine your leg, do X-ray examination and establish the presence or absence of deformation.All this is necessary in order to make an accurate diagnosis of hallux valgus (this is the scientific designation "seed") is easily confused with gout.Therefore it is recommended to get tested just in case, in particular, to determine the amount of uric acid in the blood.Stages of development

If you ask your doctor how to treat the bumps on his feet, he will explain to you that the method of treatment is chosen depending on the stage of the disease.A total of three stands: the early, middle and running.In the first case, a bump quite small, almost imperceptible.The second begins to deviate first finger.Finally, the third stage is characterized by protruding bone on which it is difficult to pick shoes, deformed fingers and feet.The longer the disease goes, the more unpleasant symptoms the patient is experiencing.It begins with pain in the legs that occurs before bedtime.Then it becomes a constant, aching feet, they begin to "ache".The sole is covered with the corns.Deformation also dangerous because it can lead to curvature of the spine (this is due to the uneven distribution of load).Furthermore, suffer knee and hip joints.Reasons

To you never have to wonder "how to treat the bumps on the legs," always wear comfortable shoes.High heels, tight shoes, boots that do not fit your size - it is they who are responsible for the development of valgus foot.


Get rid of bumps on the legs, you can use two methods: the conservative and surgical.Application of the first advisable in the early stages, when the bone has not yet reached the large size and its owner does not cause any inconvenience.The treatment program is formed by an orthopedist.Most likely, he will prescribe a course of massage, physiotherapy and a complex series of physical therapy.You can slow the growth cones standing wearing orthopedic insoles.Operation

Today, Russia is a very common disease of the foot, leg.The treatment, which gives a perfect result - this surgery.If the lump has become so big that the foot does not fit into the usual shoes, constantly sore and prevents the walk, it can only remove (of course, the bump, not a foot).Fearing operation is not necessary, it is low-traumatic and in most cases is carried out through the punctures and with local anesthesia.You do not even have to wear a plaster cast, it is replaced with a special orthopedic shoes.Full recovery takes about one and a half months.Of course, in the future, you have to give up the shoes with heels and excessive loads.