Choosing the best place on the Airbus A330-300

One of the factors that provide a comfortable and safe flight, is the right choice of seats on the plane.

About Airbus

manufacturer Airbus, which manufactures aircraft for civilian, commercial and military aviation, has for nearly half a century is the main and almost the only competitor of the famous Boeing.Symbolizing competition between Europe and America, Old and New Worlds, the company "Airbus" and "Boeing" produce the most comfortable passenger ships of different classes - from huge machines like the A380 and B747, medium-capacity aircraft to and during the flight such as A320 and B737.

Not least stiff competition and the presence of a strong competitor forcing both companies continually improve and airlines offering more new design - a more comfortable, safe and economical.

Specifications Airbus A330-300

a substitute for his parents, "Airbus A330" Model A330-300 had a longer fuselage, which eventually amounted to 63.7 meters.The wingspan of the aircraft is 60.3 meters.Airbus A330-300 can carry up to 440 passengers (if there is space in the cabin only one class) at a distance of 10,000 kilometers.In addition, the ship has a spacious cargo bay, which makes it possible to use it as the aircraft carrying loads.Cruising speed "Airbus A330-300" is 880 km / h.

Airbus A330-300 on the background of its competitors, of Boeing 767 and 787, is more profitable - at least in the context of demand.Sales of the company "Airbus" are at a high level - each year the airlines of the world is ordered about a hundred A330-300.

best places on the example of "Aeroflot"

Since the layout of seats in the cabin each airline is different, for the convenience of readers consider the example of a ship belonging to the largest Russian carrier "Aeroflot".Airbus A330-300, the best place we choose with you now, using a national carrier in the three cabin configurations, and we have the most common variant.

So where better to sit in the Airbus A330-300?Driving salon shows us that in the business-class seats, which may arise claims are the first and last rows.First - because of the proximity of technical areas, such as kitchen, wardrobe and toilet.The latter - due to the proximity to the economy class, where as a result of the deployment of a larger number of people comes more noise.

In the 15th row of economy class seats have no side windows that should be taken into account if you want to spend the flight in contemplation of the clouds and endless sky.

29th number will come in handy on long flights - located next to the emergency exits, there is no front seat, so sit and lie there is very spacious, you can stretch your legs and get up at any time without having to wake the neighbors.But it is worth considering the proximity of the toilets.There may be a bad smell, and a number of people standing in a queue is unlikely someone can be very like.Also close to this number, along with the 11-m, arranged for mounting cradles, so be prepared for the fact that the entire flight will be next to you babies.

most uncomfortable places - in rows 44-45 and 27-28.In addition to proximity to the toilets, back seat in these series are not folded - simply nowhere, because the back wall.

And finally, we note a number of the 41 th, in which due to a small decrease in the width of the plane two seats on the aisle a little bulge, which can create additional inconvenience.

General advice

Finally repeat a few tips that will be relevant in the choice of seats on any aircraft, not only on the Airbus A330-300: do not choose a seat next to the technical facilities, especially the toilets.Also make sure that the seatbacks recline in your row, otherwise you have to sleep in the fully seated position.