The most stupid man in the world - who is it?

most stupid person in the world - who is he?And what is the stupidity of the whole?And whether it is possible to divide people on this principle?Experts recommend to treat this concept very carefully, because it is no secret that it is often those who are considered stupid, or, say, retarded as a child to become a unique specialist or even geniuses in the teens or early adulthood.

Section 1. The most stupid man in the world.General description of the problem

Stupidity sometimes developing into stupidity, of course, is terrible for society.Of course, this concept is found virtually everywhere, wherever you go, no matter to whom addressed: in a shop, at work, at the gym, or simply on the street.

agree that the so-called fancy people are almost in every family, but the stupid clich├ęs they will not put any of its members.You can not say, unfortunately, about public persons, personal and creative life that is on everyone's mind.And even more, each miss the stars, each response is not the topic, it is surveyed once by thousands of media outlets around the world.

It would seem impossible to create a ranking, or a list of the most stupid people in the world.But no!Of course, the leaders here and there can not be.As there is absolutely stupid people, damaging surrounding his incredible "knowledge" and lyapami.And if stupidity is manifested in a person with a high level of IQ, then clearly his Majesty the case goes on stage!Very often absurd situation absorbs man, exposing him in a bad light.Especially popular are, of course, cases of public people: artists, film actors and, of course, politicians.

Section 2. The most stupid man in the world.Special Prize for the contingent

As absurd as it may sound, in 2003 American comedy festival Just for Laughs, whose name is translated into Russian as "just for fun", established the World award for stupidity.Yes, and such a phenomenon, it turns out, happens.We have been named the most stupid people of the world, a photo of which is very fast, just a few days, spread around the world.

Prize organizers pursued the main goal - the identification and to make the stupidity and ignorance of famous people.Laureates are not shareholders and ordinary Internet users from around the world.However, competition has died.Anyway, the last mention of it accounted for 2006.

Section 3. The most stupid man in the world.Some of the most famous personalities

Referring to recent data, give the names of those who beat the competition in all respects.So, the top most stupid people in the world:

  • undisputed leader of the rating is Judge Donald Thompson, who was engaged in masturbation at regular intervals using a mini-pump right at the hearings.However, you can call the stupidity that is a blatant case of bad manners?Although Thompson, of course, stupid.But it is still more than a sick person, a pervert in a certain sense.
  • especially distinguished lawyer and Harry Whittington.During the hunt, the defendant is a future Dick Cheney shot attorney.And all would do if Whittington did not bring the family Cheney public apologies for alleged "inconvenience"!
  • next event truly unique.American soldier Nick Flynn has transformed an already controversial and stupid situation: breaking into the museum just three vases Qin Dynasty, he did not apologize, did not provide even the slightest compensate the inestimable loss.Instead, Flynn put the claim and criticized the leaders of the museum because of their negligence and careless attitude to the valuable exhibits.
  • Needless to say about the show business, where amusing blunders are countless.Paris Hilton is no accident became a frequent guest in cartoons South Park, because of its blunders and mishaps and went into the hands of journalists.But after the phone has been attacked by hackers Hilton and all of its contents became public, the status of "the most stupid woman" probably cemented her forever.
  • Funny thing happened to singer Ashlee Nicole Simpson-Wentz, when one of the "live" performances tape recording devoured.
  • course, the status of a blunt person ever awarded the George Bush junior.Especially fun was the case when Bush with a certain amount of praise, said the head of the FA emergency US Michael Brown, the fact that the work in the hands of fire!And all would do if Brown was not engaged in eliminating the consequences of just hurricanes.