The material needs of man - examples, characteristics

Trudnonasyschaemoe being a person has a constant need for certain conditions and circumstances.Otherwise, his life turns into a pained existence and deprived of a sense of harmony and comfort.What is the material needs of man?Examples and characteristics, as well as the opinions of scientists on the subject discussed below.

There are social, material and spiritual needs of man.

  • Social - dependent on communication, contact, realization in society.
  • material needs of man (biological) - ensuring the preservation and continuation of life.
  • Spiritual - realization of the instincts of worship and propagation.Creative realization, subject to the obtaining of pleasure.

material needs - examples of real and imaginary needs

Real - needs that are caused by a sincere desire of an independent person.

  • breath.
  • Food.
  • water.
  • blood.
  • Creative hobbies.
  • religious beliefs.
  • Sleep, rest the body and the brain.
  • intimate needs.

Imaginary - dependent on the opinions of others and the resulting requirements:

  • imposed hobbies;
  • imaginary creed;
  • inclinations and imaginary ability.

material needs of man - the positive examples

person needs certain conditions for a comfortable existence.This does not mean that he can not live without hot water in an apartment or without a hot lunch.Certainly, he could.But what will be his morale, as this would suffer his mind, it depends on the internal spiritual needs are closely related to each other.If a person is not enough for happiness it is necessary, it is limited to the material world a healthy body and a cheerful spirit, but unfortunately, these people are almost nonexistent.

usual average Homo sapiens for a comfortable life needed some conditions.

  • convenient housing.
  • diverse nutritional food.
  • different clothes, utensils, tools and instruments to facilitate its vital functions.
  • Vehicles.

material needs - examples of negative

  • dependence on narcotic substances and Tumanyan mind.
  • dependence on drugs.
  • dependence on costly attributes of life, due to social need for self-realization in the society, but resulting in the physical problem of constant pursuit of more and more advanced material goods.

primary and secondary needs

American psychologist Abraham Maslow divided the material needs of man on the primary and secondary.


  1. needs, without which life is cut off;
  2. the need to ensure confidence in the continuation of a man his life, for fear of death.


  1. social - contact with people, mutually comfortable relationship, a manifestation of mutual care, love interests;
  2. prestigious - implementation of human ego, his assertion of the individual in society, the rise, growth, respect and recognition of others;
  3. spiritual - realization of spiritual impulses, nothing to do with other people and contact with them (worship, creativity).

material needs of man escorted him from the first seconds of life to the last.Only the mother's womb the fetus is able to organize the totality of his material needs.Leaving him, man is faced with a constant struggle to secure their rights and material dependency.Otherwise, it simply ceases to live fully.Even if his life is to be maintained in the body, without the comfort of wealth (due to the spiritual and social needs) comes the collapse of the human material world.