Skyscraper Chrysler Building in New York City

Chrysler Building - is the famous skyscraper in New York, which rises on the island of Manhattan.The height of the building - 319 meters.And this skyscraper of 11 months was considered the most important building in the world until you have built Empire State Building.

But not only famous for its impressive size of the Chrysler Building.It is famous for its artistic merit.This structure is the best example of the classic Art Deco architecture.Modern architects consider it the most beautiful building among the buildings of New York.We like the Chrysler Building, and ordinary Americans.

history and design of the famous skyscraper

building company "Chrysler" was built in 1930.It is located in the eastern part of the island of Manhattan at the intersection of Lexington Avenue and 42nd Street.But today the company "Chrysler" is not the owner of a skyscraper.Now he is in possession of two firms: 25% is given "Tishman Speyer Properties", 75% owned by "TMW Real Estate".

Designing buildings engaged architect William Van Helen.Once the design work was completed, Chrysler Building was bought by Walter P. Chrysler.The building was constructed in a very rapid pace - four floors per week.Builders are in a hurry as soon as possible to build the biggest skyscraper in the world.

At that time it was considered the tallest building architect Craig Severance.Now it is called "Trump Building."When Helena van skyscraper was built, the height, he caught up with the structure of Craig Severance.But as Severance knew what would be the height of the building Elena van, he immediately added to its structure a couple of feet behind it remained the tallest building in the world.

But van Helen did not want to yield to its rival.He received permission from the local authorities for the construction of the spire on the roof of the building height of 38 meters.And after that, the Chrysler Building in New York about a year has the title of the tallest building in the world.

famous skyscraper in pop culture

At the top of the building was formerly an observation deck, a few years later at this place there was a restaurant.But during the "Great Depression" is a company does not pay off.Location of the restaurant has taken a private club.Upper floors of the building were planned mainly for observation, so the ceilings are low and narrow.Critics initially called the structure "frivolous decoration," but the residents of Manhattan, it had in mind.

Skyscraper Chrysler Building, the famous photo of the building impression.Initially, it was planned to erect the roof crown glass.It is also supposed to make the window glass more and slightly bend them, in order to give the building an unrealistic view of creatures like gaining air and aspirant to soar skyward.

But the original project was rejected.For the time this idea was very unusual, and its implementation required a huge expenditure.The final draft of the Chrysler Building was designed in the style of cars, "Chrysler" 20-xx years.It should be noted that certain elements of the building were subsequently transferred to the new models of cars of this brand.