Subtleties of competent behavior on the plane

Travel must be enjoyable for its period - from the date of payment vouchers to the specific arrival time to the threshold of your own home.Moreover, it should be enjoyable not only for the tourists, but also for all the people around him in every moment of the trip.Of course, the perfect observance of this rule is extremely difficult to achieve: the staff, the service number, the representative of the airline carrier, guide tourist companies and even the neighbor on the train - to spoil the mood and to provoke a conflict could practically everyone with whom to face.However, a competent traveler knows that adhering to certain rules of conduct in the journey, he saves himself from the maximum number of potentially dangerous clashes that can spoil the fun of the long-awaited vacation.
aircraft - provided long-distance trip, one of the richest sources of various conflicts.Tours to Jordan, America, Europe or Africa often involve the use of this particular vehicle.Therefore, to avoid it, it is not likely to succeed, but to protect themselves from potential trouble, lying in wait for the novice tourist on board, it is possible - just enough to competently approach to the selection of their own behavior patterns and take into account the main risk factors.

Firstly, despite the fact that the limited set of things to bring to the board a plane, but their weight is light, but overall things it is better to put in the luggage compartment.On the one hand, the lack of nearby inflatable mattress will protect its owner from damage when one of the disgruntled neighbors send him a sharp object.On the other hand, do not have to constantly worry about the surrounding society set up for the inconvenience.
Second, hand luggage is stored only in the upper compartment, which is located immediately above the master.This is important because the confusion with luggage - quite a common problem not only in comedy films made in the USA, but also in life.Provided that, if the traveler is directly above the place for bags is not enough space, it is advisable to place them after closing the door in the cabin: at this moment you can be sure that all the other passengers have already placed their luggage, and choose a location for the rest of the luggage will be much easier.
Thirdly, mandatory landing on concrete, signified in the ticket place is relative.Change the number of the point of the stay is possible, but only subject to availability of seats in the cabin of the selected class, and only after all the passengers will take their place.