How to download Guardian in PV.

game "Perfect World" opens up many opportunities for gamers and characters.You have a chance to try yourself in the role of tank or fragile druidki.But today we are once again touch on the theme of how to swing a watch in the PV.This time we will talk about the magical skills of one of the races of the Ancients.

Who are

those who just started their study guides on the game Perfect World, should be made clear who is detained in PV.

If you are an experienced player, you are likely already familiar with sikami.So the guards called in MMORPGs.It is the players who are something of a cross between a magician and with pitch of Perfect World.They beat both physical attacks and magic.That is why the PV-guard - a pretty popular fellow.Can he stay and DD, and a tank in some cases.Under good Hillier a character quite fit for some Dungey as tanks and collecting player.


Since the swing guard in PV?The fact that each "Persian" in the game has its own skill tree that you want to pump from time to time have a mentor Seekers.An important branch are attacking skills guards.

fighting spirit of the mountains - one of the first, but, nevertheless, a low-priority skill that needs to be pumped at the beginning, so as not laid up with a single blow.Caste, he is very fast.

fighting spirit of the moon - the next attack skill.Deals base damage plus an additional magic metal.There is a sense in his bleeding when there are other long-attacking skills.At the first level, you can not very much to shake it.

fiery sword of the spirit - a blow ranged.On 8 seconds paralyzes your opponent, in this case causing a very powerful blow to physical attacks and magic metal.It is imperative to pump.Range of 33 meters makes it possible in the event of failure to quickly escape.

Sword Emperor helps to teleport to an enemy and stuns it for 3 seconds.A very useful thing, especially if the pump heavenly branch.It gives extra time camp.


How to swing a watch in the PT?An important aspect of this process is the development of AOE attacks.For strong drink, they are important because this race is a good mini-tank.For example, instead of pitch can be taken into custody during a hike or a Master's degree.He beat the massive blows no worse than a warrior his carousel.But the guard at the AOE is not so much.

Seasoned sword - one of the first shock, which can be collected through a chain of mobs and hit them one skills.This ability deals damage physical strength and reduces magical defense purpose.Swing worth it, especially at small levels.However, you can and wait with him.It is best to take the heavenly branch.

Sword has a void purposes only physical strength.It is useful, especially when combined with other bleed the skill.Paradise branch causes additional 1,500 damage.Just a fatal blow.

Power violent bear too beats only physical strength.Bob definitely worth it for all the massive skills even starting to play an important role for the guards.It leads a hellish version at high levels.

strength of the sword nature inflicts damage on the objectives of physical force, with an additional percentage of weapon finishes.Has dolgovato castes, but it must be juzat first.With timely qual is killer.

Sword universal power - a blow from which will shake all the enemies, even the real players.It hangs on the skill of the strong drink, so that you can easily move, causing great damage to all enemies.When combined with the ability buffs, the result is simply magnificent.

Sword invincibility - the metal hit the guard, which will replace the carousel warrior.It looks just like karuselkah at Carlsbad, but has more powerful.On it are all the bonuses.The only negative - a huge zhor mana.If time juzat banks and "ravioli", you can feel like a real winner!


very useful thing at the detention - it buffs.They hang them on the character, help to survive against tough opponents.Themselves a player a lot of them, but everything is not necessary to pump - too expensive work.

Magic Blade Unity hangs on fluff guard.It gives additional protection and magical damage.

Magic Blade universe - a buff for 30 minutes.All allies within 15 meters in raduise, Increases attack.It is useful, especially is you are hesitant to play solo.

Magic Blade empire - another buff that given half an hour.This time the party punch helps increase the maximum performance of magical protection.

Sword insight gives a chance for avoiding negative buffs opponent, this figure increases to several seconds.Very quickly it casts.Bob can be when you have extra money and spirit.

Iron flesh Increases physical protection for 30 minutes.Useful if you run around a magical class, and quenched with physical opponents punches.


Now you can decide how to swing a watch in PV!We hope the information provided in the article was useful to you.