Who invented the television.

To date, time modern society is not their normal life without the media.The information each of the people get through the radio or television, periodicals, and other sources.In every house there are TVs that at the present stage of development is a very useful technique for maximum comfort to spend their free time.

history of the invention of the TV stirs many minds.Who invented the first television, bringing to the society a lot of useful information?The answer to this simple question many citizens want to know.After all, for the creation of this technology, which would be suitable for mass use, it took a lot of time and a lot of scientists tried to make human life more interesting and mobile.

most interesting thing is that the question of who first invented the television, there is no unequivocal answer.Incidentally, it is interesting to note that a similar situation is observed with the invention of radio.Who invented the television, too, who first designed a radio - different sources give different answers.Undoubtedly, there is an interest among citizens that the issue in which he invented the television.

In 1873, Smith, a native of the country of England, first noted the ability of selenium semiconductor crystal type in the space of dark features provide resistance.This experience some time later found widespread use in television systems.Further, the question of who invented the television, some sources indicate that the physics professor from Portugal under the name de Paiva, has developed a device which transmit images over the wire.In fairness it should be noted, that did not work to ensure the glow of the screen at the receiving station.In the early 1900s of the last century a famous scholar A.Enshteyn substantiate the essence of the photoelectric effect.Since that time the era of television began its victorious march across countries.Before the opening of the last scientist engaged in similar research experts A.Stoletov.In 1888, it was he who first began developing "electric eye".

Many sources indicate that the first who invented the TV - it comes from a Russian emigrant, Zworykin VKHe was born in the late 1800s of the previous century, a family of merchants.Well he attended and graduated.During his studies he met many prominent scientific figures of our country.But, fearing arrest, during the revolutions that shook our country, went to the United States.There appreciated the intelligence and honesty of the scientist and entrusted him with the work in the laboratory in the city of Pittsburgh.On the territory of the said State scholar in 1923 he worked and studied the formation of electron tubes of the transmitting and receiving applications.After eight years, scientists in collaboration with a colleague of Russian origin creates a serial receiver.It has a mosaic photocathode as scientists to decide whether the transfer of the color.Basics of color television were laid for them.The following year, the first color televisions were installed in the city of New York.In the early 30-ies of the last century Zworykin makes a report at a meeting of radio engineers from America.After reading and listening to this report, many journalists and physics scientist named ancestor of television.But the modest scientist noted that it is not only his contribution to the development and improvement of color TV type.On the creation of the TV worked many scientists.Therefore, the question of who invented the television, find a logical answer - scientists and researchers from different countries and states.Joint contribution to the design of components for televisions has brought tangible benefits to mankind.Probably everyone thanks to who invented the television.