Prayer of the Optina elders on every day.

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Optina desert can be called whatever you like: the symbol of Orthodoxy, namolennye place holy ground - it will be true.Its very location: proximity to Kozelsk, a city of Russian glory, stay to the last inhabitant of the 7-week-defense against the forces of the Golden Horde - suggests the presence in this land special spirit.

emergence of desert

River Zhizdra, garden edge of the forest makes this area an ideal place for the followers of John the Baptist, who was famous for the fact that he was the first of desert, that is a hermit.No known date or the history of occurrence of Optina.But her name (the second - Makarinskaya) favor the version of the dashing man opte, hunted in the XIV century robbery.Hiding from pursuers, he would just sit in a quiet place, but descended upon him the grace turned all his predatory life.He became the first hermit Macarius.It can be assumed that a prayer Optina Elders on each day has its roots at this time.

long time Optina subjected to raids, seizures, devastated by the external and internal enemies of Russia.And only in 1796 through the efforts of Metropolitan Plato, abbot of the monastery becomes the father of Abraham, in which the revival of the monastery and the appearance of the first elders, people who have reached certain heights of spiritual perfection.

heyday Optina

All-Russian fame as a real flowering of the monastery began in the 20s of XIX century, when the post of rector took Archimandrite Moses, a holy man and a great handyman.Under his father Leo in 1829 officially established the elders.Venerable old men settled in a small monastery, which was built in 1821.Companions founder of Optina were the Fathers Theodore and Cleopas.Prayer has not yet been built, and the prayer of the Optina Elders on each day was named in the writings of help.The value of Optina in the spiritual life of Russia is very high.Dostoevsky and Soloviev lived there a long time, gaining spiritual strength, visited her and Alex Leo Tolstoy."Father Sergius" was written under the influence of Optina.

Cathedral Optina Elders - a unique phenomenon, a special form of holiness, thriving for 100 years in the Optina.Something similar is taking place except Mount Athos.

Cathedral Reverend Optina Elders

First elders was only 6, which appeared here in 1829 Hieroschemamonk (the title of monk-hermit, the church has ordained) Leo monastery brought country-wide fame, it is not quenched until 1917.Total reverend elders were 14 people, each of them added grandeur Optina.All of them, having a special spirit, had the gift of clairvoyance, prophecy and miracles.Many of them predicted has come true.

Heritage elders includes books, tips, letters, prayers.Prayer of the Optina elders on every day - as part of this heritage.Isaac II (after the elders are no longer there) and a number of his associates, the inhabitants of Optina, were executed in 1937.The abbot of the monastery Nectarios died in 1928 in his cell, warning his arrest for one day.

most difficult years of Orthodoxy in Russia

The fate of hundreds of members of the clergy in the 30-ies of XX century was tragic.Therefore, prayer is the last Optina elders contains only a plea to the Lord for humility, for a peaceful and dignified making calls reality, treating them as a manifestation of his will, a plea to send down mental fortress, there is no doubt and the ability to overcome fatigue at the end of the day.Without such a prayer (which is now included in all Orthodox Prayer) was difficult, perhaps, to keep the faith.One expert called the nondenominational prayer and psychotherapy.Of course, repeating it all the time, like an incantation, could somehow wake up and fall asleep in a repression of the 37th year.(We are talking about people who have been condemned to this fate, specifically - the clergy).

unique prayer elders

Optina Elders advised when referring to God to avoid prolixity, be concise and specific, so their prayers understandable and loved by many Orthodox.For example is the prayer Optina elder Leo.She is known as privately pray for suicides.Short and concise, she turned to the Lord with a single request - to adopt and simple as possible suicides per capita, and of asking for it not to punish.After all canons of the Church was forbidden to remember in the church and in the cemetery to bury the suicide killed in a duel and robbery, drowned.The wise old man knew that person to commit suicide can bring unbearable life circumstances.They allowed privately, bypassing the official church to pray for the soul of man comforting, to kill herself.

Morning Prayer spell of happiness

Particularly noteworthy are two prayers, one of them - the morning prayer Optina elders.After reading them for the first time, it is impossible not to note their dissimilarity with the prayers of all.In them, and in the morning and in the evening, it has done so much expression and passion that, indeed, they can play the role of affirmations (a brief phrase, repeated repeating that in the subconscious of man can strengthen the desired image or setting).Install to happiness, to joy, to live in harmony with all.This prayer reminds rather a hymn and a spell at the same time.The repeated recognition of the Lord in love sounds like an invincible belief in reciprocity.The person who does this prayer, sincerely believes that it is difficult not to respond to a sincere request for help in the affairs of only light and good for declaration of love for everything and everyone.A stream of hot thanks, repeated "Amen" can lead to a state of joy and benevolent towards all over the world.

Originality prayer Optina Elders

Evening Prayer of the Optina elders, too, and can cause a sense of wonder and a desire to read it again and again.Effect increase repeated, repeated handling and enthusiastic, emphatic exclamation marks.There remains the feeling that these two prayers mean friendliness praying to the Lord.Undoubtedly, they are relevant in the mouth of a person active, joyful and successful, the belief that tomorrow will be as wonderful as today.He reported on the evening God happily lived through the day.Glad to thank him for his help, forgive everything and everyone (himself included) for the admitted flaws, no doubt, that the Lord will do the same.

good prayers, clear, close - and this is, perhaps, the great wisdom of the venerable Elder.

Actually, prayer Optina elders every day - is any prayer taken from the Prayer Book and appropriate to the specific case.The role can perform daily as a morning, evening and akathist and office icon of the Mother of God, named "Sporitelnitsa bread."