How to open hidden folders

in popular operating systems of the Windows family are hidden folders.Under this category fall some default system folders, which holds a special configuration files.Hidden folders can still be called hidden.They are available on any computer, and most are in the hard disk partition where the operating system is installed.This is done so that inexperienced users do not accidentally deleted any information that is critical to system performance.Such tethers and folders are very important for the computer, so if they are deleted or renamed, it can lead to irreversible consequences in the work or your computer to stop working altogether.Sometimes you need to see this information, and maybe even change or delete it.And here we are confronted with the question of how to open the hidden folders?It's all quite simple, you need to produce a set of simple manipulations, and ready.

How to open hidden folders: User

Next you will learn how to do it on the example system, Windows 7. The version of XP, all similarly, only the names are different in the control panel.Of course, to make any manipulations you can only when the computer and the operating system is loaded.You have to get into the special settings window, where you can change the settings for folders.This is done as follows: in the control panel should find the item "Folder Options."We are talking about how to open the hidden folders of Windows 7, but what if you need to with XP select "Folder Options."This difference in the two systems come to an end.In the window there is a lot of interesting options and settings, which you can learn more if they themselves deal with them.

Let's continue.You must now go to the tab "View" is almost at the bottom, you should find a line titled "Hidden files and folders."There are two options: either display them or not.Since our goal at the moment is to open the hidden folders, you have to select "Display".After such manipulations can click "Apply" and then "OK".Now everything is ready.After that, all folders will be displayed, but the hidden will differ more transparent icon.You can in addition say that you have an opportunity to set the "hidden" folders or files.It is very simple.You need to select the desired folder, and then select the menu item "Properties".You can set in the dialog box tick "Hide", then click "Apply".After that prompted the operating system over the fact whether you want to use this option only to this folder, or all attached.Here you can choose what to do.Now press the "OK" and everything will be ready.

How to open hidden folders and make them ordinary

We have already talked about how to display hidden files, so they can be viewed and edited.Sometimes, however, after we create a hidden directory, we need to transfer it to the status of normal.This is done in the same way as a hidden folder.It should enter into the context menu of a folder, select 'Properties', and then remove the check mark labeled "Hidden".It is worth noting that this method can hardly be called a good and appropriate in order to hide the folders that contain sensitive information because another computer user can open it just as you are.For such cases it is better to use specialized tools that allow a password to the folder that should be protected.

As you can see, the issue of how to open the hidden folders, there are no difficulties, it is only important to do everything as carefully as possible.It may be added that programs such as Total Commander let you see these folders by pressing just one button, which is usually made to the toolbar.