How to apply makeup properly?

Beauty someone offered by nature and does not require additional investments.And from someone requires certain sacrifices.In particular, in order to improve the natural data, many women every morning starts with applying makeup.How to apply makeup properly - a science.Foundations of its simple, but are required for the study.

Chief bail facial beauty make-up and good - it hydrates the skin at night and before applying makeup.This helps to preserve its elasticity and freshness, also on wet skin is much easier to apply cosmetics.

How do makeup?

To understand how to apply makeup properly pay attention to the following points.

need to apply makeup in a well and evenly lit room , to avoid annoying flaws.

foundation makeup , apparently, and is named so because it is a point of reference in any kind of makeup.Foundation must be chosen depending on your skin type, to be on his face was almost imperceptible.For oily skin is best suited liquid powder, which levels the surface of the skin and gives her dullness.For oily skin is better to use powder compact.For dry skin, there are special moisturizing creams.Pick a shade only in daylight because artificial light can deform it.

Hue powder foundations and makeup should match the natural color of the skin.It is impossible due to foundation to try to change the color of the face, for example, giving it a color "sun."The danger is that daylight on sensitive areas of the skin can become noticeable difference.It will look messy and even funny.

Apply foundation makeup is better not to his fingertips, and special sponge.It would be good before applying foundation sponge slightly moistened with water.Then it will be easier to put the cream and gently shade, so that there are no irregularities in the tone of the face.This is one of the golden rules on how to apply makeup properly.

Blush should be one to two shades darker foundation.The big difference may turn you into a doll.Apply blush should be in a circular motion toward the cheek, from a distance of at least two inches from the nose wings.

Apply mascara need to correct.No need to spend several times the brush on the tips of the eyelashes to ensure that they were long and fluffy.The secret lies in the fact that you need to start painting the lashes from the roots.Brush gently swipe the roots of eyelashes left, and only then can be applied to the entire length mascara lashes semi-circular movements.Do not forget to remove the "lumps" are sometimes formed from the excess mascara.This can be done for eyelash comb or a clean, dry brush from the carcass.

Shadows , as well as blush, you need a good shade.Special Beauty cm layer there.They have only emphasized the natural line and not to cover them with a thick layer.Expressive look depends not on it.Apply shadow and blush with special brushes.

By the way, for some reason, some believe that the shade should be combined with clothes.None of this does not confirm the stylist.This rule works only with respect to the neutral shades.But if you wear a pink dress and apply the same shadow effect can be comical.Although very competent and subtle approach and this option might look exclusively.But it is better to use the services of a stylist.

rationally dispose pencil and eyeliner .That is, do not let these unnatural excess of cosmetics on the face.It catches the eyes of others.In addition, the smallest error in the line of eyeliner becomes quite apparent.

Lips should always moisturize.Even if you do not feel them dry, the skin of the lips is still periodically needs moisturizing and nourishing balm.After it goes particularly well stroke and lipstick .

highlight any makeup - properly placed accents .On the face need to allocate one thing: either the eyes or lips.Now you can say that you know how to properly apply makeup.

And do not be lazy to wash off makeup before sleep.It is also important to make a rule-Meiko.It helps the skin to recover and look fresh.Makeup, left overnight, accelerates the aging process of the skin produces the appearance of fine lines.The skin beneath the makeup was not breathing.In addition, for a long time applying makeup dries and stretches the skin in particularly vulnerable areas.