How to choose a foundation for the perfect makeup

Unfortunately, the ideal and perfect skin can boast of unity, so masking and remedial tools should be any girl's purse.Foundation - the foundation of correct and beautiful makeup.
But how to choose the foundation for perfect make-up?Contemporary tonal basis usually includes a variety of complex moisturizing agents that are able to retain moisture on the surface of our skin.The most commonly used for this purpose chamomile, aloe vera, calendula, and hyaluronic acid.These beneficial ingredients promote healing of various micro-cracks, as restoring the function begins to work faster with effective hydration.

course, tonal basis may create the perfect make-up, make the skin more velvety and smooth, even out the complexion, but it needs to know how to choose the foundation for perfect make-up.
Experts recommend "drive" the liquid cream into the skin soft tapping fingertips.Thus it is necessary to move in the horizontal direction, to "move" the texture of the borders of your face.With this special technique

imperfections wonderful masked, and the foundation is almost imperceptible.The final stage will be an easy and transparent layer of powder, which will fix a corrective base and allow it to survive as long as possible.

in the evening make-up experts recommend to apply a thick layer of masking agent, and for that you must use a dry sponge.Very unusual and interesting effect you get when you wear make up play in the evening you mix a few tonal framework.For the temples and cheekbones thus will need to choose darker shades, and for the "middle" of the face - bright colors.This method of applying makeup will make your face aristocratic and visually narrower.

Every girl should know how to choose the right foundation for perfect make-up, especially with respect to the color gamut correction means.When using a tonal framework there is a danger to transform your face into an unnatural mask.The main board of experts how to choose the foundation for perfect make-up is a little trick - before buying tools necessary to put a little touch on your cheek.In that case, if the color matches the tone of your face, this tone will help you to create a basis for the perfect makeup!If you doubt your choice and do not know how to choose the foundation for perfect make-up, it is necessary to draw your attention to a yellowish tinge, which mainly come under the odd-numbered.This colors will fit almost every girl.In addition, it is necessary to consider what remedial funds must be at least a lighter shade of your own complexion, unless of course you do not want to create the image of "fire victims"!And certainly not recommended to choose the color of foundation that much difference to your natural.

course, every girl, even if it has perfect skin, at least once needed to adjust your complexion and hide the small flaws.Moreover, the basis of perfect and natural makeup is choosing the right tone