Tractor "Uralets" and its characteristics

Currently increasing importance in the national economy of the country is agriculture.The important role played by small agricultural systems, farmers and households.If only a few decades ago, all the work in the fields is done by hand, but now can not see the utility of agricultural production, which lacks the technology.One of the most common tractor for work on small farms - minitractor "Uralets".

Market introduction and development

first copies of this technology have been delivered to Russia in 1991.At the moment, a miniature tractor manufactured in the city of Chelyabinsk in the local tractor factory.The history of its creation has a huge amount of trial and error: for a long time, designers have tried to create a machine that could combine numerous characteristics.Thus, instructors want to meet the growing demand for a technique that would be quite compact, powerful, could work throughout the year, and the industry its use is not limited solely to agriculture.So, after some time the product

ion line at the market entered minitractor "Uralets".

His excellent technical characteristics immediately appreciated.The tractor was a compact, relatively light and small.The zone of use is automatically expanded: this technique can be used equally well on soft soils and in limited areas, narrow roads and so on.Tractor "Uralets" was also tested in the utilities sector.Snow removal, garbage perform loading and unloading, cleaning of roads - this is not the full list of works, which is able to perform this technique.


Facilities joints of the machine allows you to perform welding and pump operation.However minitractor "Uralets" has another very important design feature: the ability to gauge progress tracked mechanism.This gives a great advantage of this technique over other counterparts.While working on sowing, harvesting and other agricultural operations to facilitate cross-country vehicle used caterpillar.In addition, significantly reduced ground pressure and, therefore, decreases its destruction.Business transactions are conducted in an urban setting, made the tractor with wheel speed.


There are various models of the technique.So, very popular among consumers enjoy minitractor "Uralets-180."The price of this model varies depending on the presence / absence of component parts, the seller and the buyer in the region (from 130 thousand. Rub.).This compact miniature tractor has a capacity of 18 liters.from.and can accelerate to 27 km / h.In the machine installed vertical twin cylinder diesel engine, equipped with a water cooling system.

recently joined the market for agricultural machinery minitractor "Uralets-220."The main feature of previous generations are its improved performance (increased engine power, reduced noise at work, etc.).