Matrona of Moscow: the prayer of marriage passed from mouth to mouth

our land is rich in the great Russian people.God loves Russia and protects it by sending each a difficult century holy men.To not gone in vain a great nation, people always remember the goodness of the Lord, pray, repent and believe in the almighty God's love.Here and in the XX century found a man of God in the form of a sick woman with a huge and pure soul.

Matrona of Moscow

saints for all their hard life became famous for miracles of healing and prophecy.Including families saved from destruction Matrona of Moscow, the prayer of marriage from her lips was sent to the ears of the Lord, and was immediately seen positive results.They carried a prayer for her and the children, and the mentally ill, and she helped in the distance.He loved the people Matrona and otherwise helped her as a saint was not only blind, but also paralyzed.

divine destiny

Even before the birth of her fate was sealed by the Lord.A matron was born into a poor peasant family, where even before it had three children.My parents worked hard to somehow feed the kids.When her mother found out about her pregnancy, she was saddened, because the fourth child they had not been able to feed.It was decided to give the baby to an orphanage immediately after birth.

But God himself guarded by the sad fate of the child, and the mother had a prophetic dream Matron.To her arm sat a white bird with a head girl and her eyes closed.The woman realized that her dream came her child.Of course, the girl remained in the family and was a general favorite, but she was born with no eyes at all, just like in a dream.More from childhood girl to show their talents in helping others.No, she did not refuse, and to this day many need Matrona of Moscow.Prayer for marriage from which it is accessed, and now, has been particularly heavy demand in the post-revolution and war years.It is referred to and treated many girls and women.


holy family lived in an old house in Tula province, not far from the Kulikov field.As you know, this place is shrouded in some mystery, and in all ages in this field decided the fate of the whole of Russia.Matron foretold as the beginning of the revolution and the Great Patriotic War, in every possible way to help all those who ask assistance could invisibly present in the field, knew the fate of the soldiers.Can accurately answer the question, the soldier was alive or dead.I prayed for all asylum Matrona of Moscow, a prayer for marriage has always sounded to her house for the poor and single women.

most of his life held sacred in Moscow, so the nickname Matrona of Moscow.In hard times came, all her life, pursued her everywhere and every time tried to arrest him, but thanks to his gift of foresight it could escape before will pursuers.Not to save itself, and together with his family, at St..

power of prayer

Many miracles showed Matron, many healings were on her account, consolations, a return to the faith, the revival of hope.Many prayers for my mother read his life, left a legacy of many Matrona of Moscow - was the prayer of marriage passed from mouth to mouth.Many women helped arrange the life or preserve the family.

And now, after the death of the Matron, all believers go to the grave of a saint with requests and prayers, are a gift bouquet of flowers, which she loved to make holy.During the life she has promised to help all pleading for help.Prayer Mother Matrona of Moscow began to sound in every family of believers, as any one who asks receives a response, healing, help in their need.

In 2000, the ashes of Mother canonized, and introduced herself in the face of the saints.Now the Church has recognized the sanctity of the divine Matrona and prayers to her began to sound in churches and temples.But even for many years before the canonization of the holy people did pray and believe in its emergency assistance.Now, for those who want to turn to the saint there is a special prayer Matrona of Moscow, the text of which can be found in any prayers.Even the grave Matron became a saint, and the flow of the faithful it never stops.