Annual legume - perfect fodder for farm animals

Agriculture - the main branch of the agricultural industry.It occupies an important place in the national economy of any country.The industry is fundamental to solving the problem of food security.

Plant - one of the areas of agriculture.Along with the provision of food, the industry is a supplier of feed for livestock complexes.This is primarily green, Humenne, concentrated feed and hay.Special nutritional value to the diet of animals are legumes.They include clover, vetch, chickpeas, clover and others.Consider some of them.

Crimson Clover

Crimson Clover - is an annual legume.Its name in Latin - Trifolium inkarnatum.This plant has a taproot.From him depart numerous lateral processes start.On myagkovoloknistyh strong stems grow large leaves.Clover inflorescence is shaped like a conical head.Corollas they accumulate bright red pigment - hence the name "Crimson".This is an annual leguminous plant that loves the warmth and abundant moisture.Height clover ranges from 55 cm (+/- 5cm).This culture is

also used in green manuring.This process landfarming green mass of legumes to increase the yield sown crops after them.That is crimson clover is also an organic fertilizer.Crop plants begins in the spring.On 1 hectare of used 30-35 kg of seed (if the clover will be used to feed), and if the culture will go to seed - 20-25 kg.

Persian Clover

Persian clover or Trifolium resupinatum - another annual legume.This can be both winter crops (sown in the fall) and the springs (spring sowing is carried out).The standard rate of sowing clover seed is in the range of 15 kg per 1 hectare.This culture has a low-power root system from which departs subramose stem.The inflorescence has pink flowers, which are mounted on the spherical head.Height clover does not exceed 30 cm. The vegetation period (gestation period) Culture is about 80 days, if the spring clover, and 135 days - if the winter.

Clover Alexandria

Another annual legume family of clover - Alexandria clover (Trifolium aleksandrinum).Its root system is powerful enough.Above ground direct branching stalk rises to a height of 60 cm. Soft leaves frame white and yellow inflorescences head, which has an oval shape.Like the previous species, clover Alexandria can be winter crops (growing season of 120 days) or springs (growing period of 90 days).Thus, based on the area of ​​1 hectare of crop uses about 17 kg of seed.


Many people may be interested in the question: "What is the annual legume with bright bluish-red flowers?"It - vetch.Yet it is called feed peas and vetch-honey plant.There are winter (hairy) and spring (seed) vetch.Besides the fact that this culture is an excellent food to young livestock, it supports the bees honey collection (hence the name of the third).

This annual leguminous plant reaches a height of 110 cm. In this case, the stem fragile.From him depart branches, which are concentrated on the pair pinnate leaves (5-8 pieces).Ripening culture ranges between 115 days (+/- 5 days).