How and what to process greenhouse polycarbonate autumn

polycarbonate - a material with very good performance.Cottagers he went over to his liking, especially as a covering material for greenhouses.Structures made with it can withstand enormous loads, extremely durable and are used in our time everywhere.In this connection, the legitimate question of what process the greenhouse polycarbonate fall, occurs in many.

Disinfection design soap

Polycarbonate greenhouses unlike covered with polyethylene require virtually no maintenance.Disassemble the winter they do not need.This material and withstand strong winds and high snow cover.But, of course, to carry out preventive measures that will reduce the risk of diseases of different cultures, yet it should.So, how to handle the greenhouse polycarbonate fall?

No special chemicals need not be applied.Suffice it to normal soap.It needs to be planed in a bucket of water in a way that turned out not too saturated solution.This mixture is rubbed wall structures inside and outside.To do this, use only a soft cloth.From scratch can remain rigid.If somewhere on the walls show up pieces of stubborn dirt, you need to water them with soapy water, and, after waiting for some time, wipe with a cloth.A knife or other sharp objects can not be used strictly.

This is not the only way of prevention.Then look at how to handle the greenhouse polycarbonate autumn yet.

Disinfection using sulfuric Checkers

Although the manufacturer does not recommend using this method, many vacationers with the success of his practice.However, in greenhouses with poorly full colored metal body to carry out such a procedure still not worth it.The very same method is very simple.Inside a greenhouse installed metal stand.It put his sword, and set fire to close all doors and windows.It will smolder for about an hour.After that you should wait a little bit and ventilate the area.

tillage in a greenhouse in the fall

Of course, as in any other, in a polycarbonate structure need to be addressed, and of the soil.The top layer of his best replaced.It is also the way to shed a strong solution of potassium permanganate or copper sulfate.Since polycarbonate greenhouses differ much ease, and you can even "not to bother" and just call acquaintances and move it to a new location.To carry out this operation will be enough four men.

autumn soil cultivation in the greenhouse, in any case must end with thorough loosening.Thus all plant debris should be removed and burned.Once all these operations are completed, the structure is closed.In winter, the ground will be to outline the snow.

Thus, the answer to the question: "The process greenhouse polycarbonate fall?" - Quite simple.Its price - 20 rubles.That much is a piece of soap.The main thing - is to ensure that within the structure was the most decontaminated soil.