How to care for raspberries in autumn - advice and tips

Raspberry is one of the most useful crops, its sweet and juicy fruit is rich in medicinal substances.Grow raspberry bushes in the garden of easy, but that they bring a good harvest, you should make a great effort.This article tells how to plant shrubs, how to care for raspberries in the fall.Furthermore, it is given a lot of other useful recommendations.

The variety

Raspberry Red is the most popular.This plant has been known for many centuries ago, but the yellow color varieties derived relatively recently.Recently, the leader in gardening remontant raspberry that is able to bring the harvest twice a year.

Planting and care

This plant is propagated by division of the root system, after planting the young shoots in the first year and actively developing root, bring the fruits of the next season.It is best to plant rows of raspberries, keeping the distance between them up to 1.5 m. Also, do not get too close to each other have the bushes, the distance should be at least 0.5 meters.

How to properly care for raspberries, it is pleasing to a bountiful harvest?In the first year after planting, it is necessary to periodically loosening the soil, removing weeds, watch, see if there are pests.But for the second year already, you can work on fertilizing the soil with raspberry bushes.Garden areas inhabited by the plant should be fertilized with manure greater than minerals, since it stores the optimum amount of potassium.Also, if you have sandy soil, then required to make magnesium fertilizer.In cold areas, to preserve raspberry bushes from frost, they bend down to the ground and associated with shrubs placed in front.

How to care for raspberries

autumn Autumn is an important season for the care of raspberry bushes, at this time there are plenty of activities for the improvement of plant growth and increase future crop.How to care for raspberries in the fall right?During this period, a mandatory crop of raspberries, it will form a bush and achieve good results in fructification.Crop raspberries quite simple: dry stalks should be removed, new shoots extra if they formed very much.In autumn, especially in dry weather, raspberries requires abundant watering.When drying of the soil bushes fold leaves earlier than usual, and this is detrimental to the future harvest.Also in the fall make organic fertilizer to the soil as a mulch of dry leaves.


How to care for the bushes of raspberries, so they gave a great harvest?This question is central to the gardener.In what period of pruning is best done in order not to harm the development of the bushes?How to care for raspberries in the fall?This is all very important issues that should be considered if you want to increase the harvest of raspberries.Bush may please the small size of three or four pounds of berries per season.Remontant and large-fruited varieties produce higher yields, are gathering raspberries can be up to ten kilograms per hive.