How to make a cake in the "maynkraft"?

So today we will talk with you about how to make a cake in the "maynkraft."It is necessary to get acquainted with some of the ingredients that we need to get.Where and in what quantities they come from?For what proportion connected?All this will be discussed today.So let's try to quickly bake a pumpkin pie in "maynkraft."


Well, let us start with the inventory.To prepare pumpkin pie in "maynkraft," we need a bucket.Even three.For what they are, we'll talk to you later.

The thing is that this equipment can not be found anywhere else in the purest form.Just crafted themselves.It is simple, if you already have a good supply of resources.If not, you have a little tough.

to create one bucket will have to combine the three iron ingot.In fact, if you are wondering how to make a cake in the "maynkraft," you have to collect 9 such an item.They are obtained from iron blocks (1 cube is 9 blocks), however, find it very difficult.In addition, we needed a material can be obtained by killing the Iron Golem or during processing of the ore.Iron ore mines are located in the Lower world at an altitude of up to 64 units.Just type 9 units of the resource, and burn them in the stove.1 get 1 bar of iron ore.Then combine them three pieces on the bench, get a bucket.Take it and go with them, and with the following ingredients.


Well, if you think about how to make a cake in the "maynkraft," then, of course, pobespokoytes advance and the presence of sugar.Without this product, you can not do, even in real life.No dessert fail.

But where you can get the item?Of course, from the cane.Where is this plant?Yes, everywhere!Generally, it can be found in the ground or near the water.Near lakes and ponds reed is quite a lot.Just do not cut this plant: it is only useful in a living form, as the fruits over time it is updated.Score more sugar, and then go in search of these materials.

This product can be used in the preparation of pie, cake and pickled spider eyes.Furthermore, sugar required for feeding the horses.A useful thing.Oh, plus it will not be exact.But what else is needed to get an answer to the question of how to make a cake in the "maynkraft"?


Well, now let's try to figure out where do we take the next product to our ideas.This is a chicken eggs.Probably not too hard to guess that this product gives the chicken while she was alive.In order to obtain this item is best to tame a couple of chickens or build a chicken farm.You just have time to feed the birds and then collect their eggs.The main thing - do not kill them, otherwise you will only get the meat, which cake or pie, basically useless.Once you type enough of an item (better to take more - items 6-8), you can begin to search for the remaining subjects of our dishes.


In order to figure out how to make a cake in the "maynkraft" we need another product.This is a pumpkin.After all, we decided to cook pumpkin pie, which restores the 8 units of health!

pumpkin can be grown from the corresponding seeds.Located in the vegetable world.It generated randomly.To learn how to bake a cake in the "maynkraft", you need only one such vegetable.

cake for as we need to find 3 units of wheat.She's grown, like other cereals.Also, now we need our buckets: they need to score milk.It is taken from the tame cows.

When all the products you have, you can start cooking.On the bench combine pumpkin, sugar and egg.You will have a pumpkin pie that you can sell or eat.If on the same bench to connect 3 buckets of milk, wheat, sugar and eggs, you get cake.That's all.Now that you know how to cook cakes.