Business conversation: types, stages

Business conversation - a conversation which is intended to address important issues, consideration of proposals for cooperation, signing of sale and purchase transactions, etc.Types of business conversations are very different.All of them can be divided into two groups: free (tested without special training, for example, a collection of work colleagues) and regulated (elaborate, with the obligatory account of the time frame).But depending on the purpose pursued by the business conversation, the following types: a meeting of the head of a potential employee, the conversation manager with one of the employees in order to resolve certain issues, the conversation partners for future cooperation, conversation colleagues about solving production issues.

For someone who is going to carry out this type of discussion, you need to properly prepare to receive the maximum benefit from it.Training is an important point, because it is from it will largely depend on during the conversation, the reaction to the interlocutor and, of course, the final outcome of the conversation.

advance you need to think about what is best to raise questions during the interview.If desired, they can even be recorded on paper, not to forget.During training you should try to build the whole conversation from beginning to end, and for this you need to know what are the stages of the business conversation.

Any business conversation consists of five main stages:

1. Start the conversation.At this stage, with the person you want to install the trusted contact, to get his attention, arouse desire to listen to all the information to the end.This is the most difficult stage, because it will depend on his disposition interlocutor to talk.There are many different ways to start a business conversation.For example, you could try the method of stress relief.In this case, the other party is enough to say a few kind words or tell a joke that will soften tensions.Another method is the so-called method of "clues."Here you can really summarize the problem or situation that is inextricably linked with the conversation.It may be a small event, a funny story or question with "cunning".For business conversation approach and method of direct approach when the conversation begins, without any derogations.The objective of this method briefly tell the other person because of the meeting, and then quickly move on to the topic of the conversation.

2. The transmission of information.At this stage the planned transfer of information and the identification of the goals and motives of the interlocutor, verification and analysis of its position.The presentation of information should not be stretched for a long time, otherwise the other party will be bored and decides to end the conversation.

3. argumentation.This is the way the provisions of the justification put forward and the belief in the importance of the interlocutor to make decisions.It is important to maintain the correct argument in relation to the other person, to listen to his position and to recognize that he was right, even if it will not lead to the consequences that were expected.Do not get into an argument with someone, expressed clearly and understandably, avoiding the use of complex language and terms.

4. Rebuttal arguments of the interlocutor.This is the stage of neutralization remarks interlocutor.Here it is necessary to analyze the comments, find the real background, choose the tactics and method.

5. decision (conclusion).At this point, decide whether or not pre-planned objectives achieved.It is important to summarize all the arguments that has been recognized and endorsed by the interlocutor, to neutralize the negative aspects, to build bridges to the next conversation, consolidate what has been achieved.

Business conversation - a chance to achieve the goal.Most importantly, do not turn it into a languid pastime, everything must be done so that the source never for a moment doubted the importance of this conversation.