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Chekhov's story "defenseless," he had written in 1887, is relevant as never before.Judge for yourself: a man who is surprisingly meanness and cynicism, blatantly, openly, no hesitating, offers, or rather, make others believe otherwise - in a weak, defenseless, sick creature tramples all and unloved by anyone.Sugary-sweet wrapper can not hide the truth, and people nervous and bursting denied "the petitioner".It would seem that the story would be the end.But no guts "defenseless creatures' distinctive impudence and rudeness: it asks, begs, falls into hysterics, and then threatened and then crying again until you get their way.Here, all means are good ... familiar, does not it?

Chekhov, "defenseless creature┬╗

Bank CEO, Mr. Kistunov despite a night attack of gout flared up and then the nerves in the morning goes to work.From that moment begins the story, and thus the summary (Chekhov, "defenseless").Before he could cross the threshold of the institution, as the petitioner appealed to him in the old cloak, resembling the back "of large dung beetle."Petro languidly tortured, barely breathing, asked her about the purpose of the visit.Ms. Shchukin quickly petitioned patter and "poured" their grief.The fact that her husband, a collegiate assessor Shchukin, was ill for several months and could not go to work.He was fired, and deducted from the salary payable to the ruble and twenty-four and thirty-six cents, which he allegedly took from the friendly cashier.According to a weeping woman is not possible, because the husband without her consent can not do anything ...

Kistunov extremely surprised Bank - commercial, private enterprise - has nothing to do with the state military medical department.However, I do not become indignant and decided not to drive petitioner.Slowly, very patiently, he went on to explain that he could not help her.In response, only I heard wailing and tears.She is poor, the sick, defenseless woman, who is not eating, not sleeping and barely standing on his feet.It can wait, if necessary, but let it be given at least fifteen rubles.Kistunov broke down and asked another employee, Alexei Nikolaevich, take up the case.

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continue to talk summary (Chekhov, "defenseless").Half an hour passed.Then another hour.Negotiations continued.Ms. Schukina again explained the difference between the agencies.Citing examples, it is impossible to say, with a request for a divorce to go to the pharmacy or the Assay tent.In response to one thing: "Have pity on me, orphans, the poor, the sick, defenseless ..." I could not resist and Alexey.He was replaced by an accountant.

In the end, Mr. Kistunov, fearing that the "great base", "nasty woman", "idiot, cork" torment and arrival of all, decided to get rid of it.But there it was.Weak, defenseless woman so will not allow anyone to mock her.She had sued three tenants, and sue the bank, make them all at her feet lie.

This tension was all day.The screams were replaced by the complaint and pleading, tears mingled with fury.Patience ran out of Peter Nikolaevich, and indignation from the boorish behavior of his mistress Schukina completely exhausted.He left the room, exhausted, sat down, took a deep breath, pulled out his wallet and handed the "defenseless" bill of twenty-five rubles.The woman instantly wrapped the money in a handkerchief, and hid sugary smiled coyly: "Your Excellency, is it possible for my husband again to enter the place?┬╗

Summary - Chekhov, "defenseless".Conclusion

Anton Chekhov in his story as always subtle and ironic.But at the same time slipping between the lines of sadness and a certain helplessness and hopelessness to the orchestrated absurd and infinite stupidity.Is it possible to resist the "defenseless creatures?"On the one hand - yes, we can, on the other - it is difficult, because liberty, every kind of farce and cynicism in its extreme manifestation take so much mental strength and energy that a normal person would like to end it quickly and run away.But you can not, because Madame Schukina denied in the five locations.So it is still possible.Summary (Chekhov, "defenseless"), of course, can not convey the subtlety and depth of the story, so it is strongly recommended to read the original.