Paustovsky - "light keeper 'summary and conclusions

KGPaustovsky wrote many interesting works that convey the beauty of his native land, nature, learn to love and respect all living things.Such is the story of "the buoy-keeper", who also invented Paustovsky.Light keeper, summary later tell about it, worked at the crossing.He was carrying people from one bank to another.Called Semyon buoy keeper.He was already aged.But not only work at the crossing restricted activity old man.He caulk boats, wove baskets.Simon loved to teach the young wits, give different sound advice.


From that begins the story Paustovsky "buoy keeper," a summary of the conclusions will be opened to the reader in this article.The author will try to move the reader thoughts on the nature, picturesque river valley, where they met the main characters of the story.They were boys from the sun faded eyelashes and hair.They talked Paustovsky.Light keeper (summary met him before) came to us a little later.Before that Paustovsky could ask the children what they are doing in these parts.The children said that they were working in the forest affectionately, there sawing trees for firewood.We talked about his grandfather Semen.The boys told he is good, but still not enough for him.Writer at first did not understand what was said, guys.


then on the boat swam Sёmen.He handed over the hand and povёz people on the other side.The conversation.In the story, we had already been familiar with each other Paustovsky, light keeper.Summary leads the reader on.Simon said that the guys are good, but know and understand enough yet, so he tells them a lot and teaches them.Now, the writer began to realize that children have in mind when talking about "small".Father continued.He told how the boys taught correctly to chop the tree so that it falls into the secure strontium.Thanks to him, the children are now able to plant the teeth on a saw that it carried out more precisely the action.

war for homeland

grandfather said, it is far from all the knowledge because their is not enough.Then he asked, know any children that now there is a war?They replied in the affirmative.I knew about it, of course, and Konstantin Paustovsky.Light keeper Simon regretted that do not take the old war, he would have gone.Then my grandfather asked the boys if they know everything about love for his native land?Hearing them in the affirmative, light keeper hesitated and asked what it means when a soldier goes into battle for their homeland?The guys started talking - he is fighting for his people, cities and factories.Simon explained - that is not enough, the children began to expound his position.

He said - the boys came to the river from the Tender forests, and the way they lay across the lake, meadows and fields.On the way to meet beautiful flowers.From bees smell of clover and grass sleep sleep at night, lowering his head, heavy with dew, down.I told the old man about chamomile, lungwort, kupenu.Here's a story about native land, nature wrote KGPaustovsky.Light keeper at the end of the story says that our country - lovely.That's all our soldiers defend, fight with enemies to protect, defend and not give desecrate it.