The most common name in Russia and the world

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There are a lot of all kinds of names, but people use very little of them, selecting the most popular.So what is the most common name in the world?Among the uniquely female leader Anna.It is popular in many countries for a long time.And though it was not always fashionable, but in the top ten included the means.But among men of the same favorite is observed.In recent years, the Internet spread the news that the most popular name among boys - Muhammed.Interestingly, left behind Jackie Thomas, Daniel.In many countries, not only Islamic, but also in Europe, it ranks first in popularity, such as England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway.But not in Russia, and next to it the former Soviet Union.

For several decades, the most common male name in Russia - Alexander.It is followed by Maxim Dmitry Daniel Artem.In the past, in 2013 Russians often called their children and Artem Sofyami.By the way, Sophia leader in popularity and in America the last 2 years.

Fashion dictates the rules.She urges women to wear the long, the short skirts, and can be called to get the daughter of electrification.After 1917, trying to match the era, people invented a lot of new names.Some are alive, and now Kim, Vladlen, Oktiabrina.Others have disappeared because of its dissonant.The 1970 study showed that the most common name in the Union - Nicholas, followed by Alexander and Ivan.Patronymic found that in the previous generation led Ivan, then went Basil and Nicholas.The most popular women's names at the time were Mary and Anna.

How to name the baby?

Throughout his life more often than other words a person hears his name.It can determine the fate and become the talisman has its power, significance.That is why his choice should be taken responsibly.Many of the issues worth considering.No need to rush to give the baby the most common name for fashion.But the rare, exotic could complicate his life.If parents think about their child's future, it is worth considering that at the time of travel, work, study abroad unpronounceable name will cause problems to his master.It must be harmoniously in any language, in harmony with and surname.China already has a tradition to name newborn in two ways: in Chinese and Western-style.Very handy for future life.Another important issue.It should be noted how important name in other cultures, it does not carry any negative sense.

Last year, water snakes top 10 for boys was: Artem, Alexander, Maxim, Ivan, Michael, Daniel, Dmitry, Andrew, Cyril and Nikita.Perhaps among them there is a good future for the baby.The most common names of girls last year: Sofia, Maria, Anastasia, Daria, Anna, Victoria, Elizabeth, Pauline, Barbara, Catherine.All these variations are inherent positive energy and harmony.They are modern and trendy.