The magnificent Parthenon in Athens

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the Parthenon in Athens.Who has not heard of him?It is clear that it is a symbol of modern Greece and its capital, and for centuries was seen and continues to be perceived as the standard of beauty, one of the best incarnations of ancient culture.But what else do we know about this monument of architecture?Let's try to briefly summarize the known facts.


the Parthenon in Athens.It was built on a high (156 meters) with a gently sloping hill top, located in the center of town - the Acropolis.Acropolis - concept of ancient Greek history.Like our ancestors, the Slavs, the inhabitants of ancient Greece a crucial part of their city is situated on high ground and strengthen.Over the ramparts the palace of the ruler of most of the churches and a lot of sculptures dedicated to the gods-patrons.The Slavs called their fortress city detintsem later the Kremlin, and the Greeks - the acropolis.On the Acropolis of Athens is not only the Parthenon, but other buildings of different eras.

build time

Parthenon in Athens was built about 10 years, with 446 of 438 BCE.Then, for another 6 years continued sculptural decoration of the building.At this time, Athens was not just a settlement, and the city-state.Rules of this mini-state Pericles - the man who became famous for his oratory and commanding abilities and became the founder of democracy.During his reign Athens decorated extraordinary temples, altars, sculptures.

What is the Parthenon in Athens?

This temple dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena.One of the definitions of the daughter of Zeus was "Parthenos" - "virgin, virgin," so the Parthenon - a place of worship Athena, the Virgin.It is interesting that during the years of its existence, he managed to visit not only the ancient sanctuary, but Christian cathedral of the Holy Virgin (VI-XII century), and the Catholic church (XIII-XIV century), and the Muslim mosque (XV-XVII centuries).


construction work on the construction of the temple led the ancient Greek sculptor Phidias excellent.Modern researchers have found that the perfection of the construction of the famous due to strict compliance rules "divine proportion", in which the ratio is expressed in certain parts of a constant, the "golden mean."

to the Parthenon looked harmoniously, the Acropolis has been increased, a powerful built embankments.Between the length of the temple and hill areas and in front of the Parthenon relationship existed golden ratio.Erected the construction of snow-white marble, trimmed with copper, ivory, ebony, cypress.Parthenon in Athens has become a truly national church - the creation of pottery craftsmen, carpenters, coppersmiths, stonemasons, painters, enameller, engravers.According to legend, when one of the donkeys that carried the stones of the Acropolis, very senile and was released from the daily duties, he continued to come every morning "on the job" to the Parthenon.

construction was very expensive.But when Pericles offered to citizens to take all the costs into your account (and write your name on a building), the Athenians refused, and funding was provided by the society.


famous temple was the religious center of the city for over 17 centuries.But in 1687 on the orders of the Swedish general Kenigsmarka Venetians destroyed the Parthenon.Athens appeared defeated, killed hundreds of women and children.Unfortunately, the temple suffered quite significantly in the coming years could no longer perform their functions.Until the middle of XIX century, people (both Greeks and foreigners) ruthlessly dragged the crumbling walls and fragments of statues, were exported abroad outstanding works of art.

building was built over 10 years, and for almost two centuries, are trying to restore.If you are lucky enough to visit in Greece, be sure to go on a tour of "Athens Acropolis.Parthenon "to see firsthand one of the greatest monuments of antiquity.