Self-education - it is not an easy job on a

large role in shaping the personality of play, of course, family, environment, school.However, great importance is also self-education.It is a certain life span is practically the only way to make adjustments to the character of the person.If up to four years the child adopts a manner of behavior, learning social skills in adults, it has a junior high school student, and even more so, the teenager becomes much more resistant to any outside influences.For young people, self-education - is the exclusive means of personal development.How is it done and how to direct young soul in the "right direction"?

Do not think that self-education - it is some special special classes, time-consuming and energy.No, most of it takes place gradually, as if unnoticed.It is not only targeted strong-willed efforts of a man who wants, for example, to develop their attention, memory, become more seasoned or acquire physical strength.Of course, exercise, training, self-training - a way to work on himself.

However, self-education - is also reading books, and internal dialogue (often in the form of diaries or blogs), and communication with smart people who can teach something good.On the value orientations people are not born.Self-education is carried out discreetly and person when viewing high-quality content of films, and the formulation and statement, and then defending their point of view - for example, in discussions and debates.For each of us to "become better" is completely different.For one it is - to develop muscles, stamina, physical strength, speed.For another - to learn how to be kinder and more tolerant.The third most important are the historical and heroic examples of self.First of all - a strong-willed hardening.Examples include Alex Meresyev or Nikolai Ostrovsky.For many, faith is a great example of Napoleon Bonaparte.For others - Mikhail Lomonosov, as well as other outstanding self-taught.But for Leo Tolstoy and Anton Chekhov's self-education is to develop at true humanism - empathy, tact, participation.Not by chance in their work so much emphasis on moral issues.Diaries and letters clearly show the inner workings of the writers themselves.The fight against vice - Gamblers and gambling - are described and Dostoyevsky, and the prototype of the hero himself was the author.

It is believed that in addition to self-examination and self-hypnosis great ways to educate a person is and auditory training, and the method of empathy, that is, to the other person to put themselves, imagine what you would feel or think in asituation.An important element is also encouraging.For example, if you manage to perform planned, to achieve this goal (which necessarily should be formulated, spoken out loud), you can make yourself a little gift.Self-criticism brings the desired results is not at all, although it is difficult to detect without flaws, over which a person finds it necessary to work.At the same time it should not go into self-reproach, which is a deviation from normal behavior.