What are they - a good compliment a girl?

Wanting to draw the attention of the girls, a guy can take a lot of things.But what do the easiest way, without any special effort?To say a compliment.But it is not so easy as it seems at first glance.

About subspecies

Few people know that there are several kinds of compliments.It seems, well, say pleasure, yeah, okay.But not all so simple.There is right and wrong compliments that can both help and hurt the guy who wants to do something nice for the fair half of mankind.Nice compliment a girl exactly will apply to the category of right.What does this mean?It's all very simple: the right compliment - is the one that comes from the heart, from the heart.Also, it should not differ from reality.Wanting to invent a guy can hurt yourself and lose the trust of all the ladies.You also need to avoid the comparisons, every woman wants to be the one and only.Duty compliments can be classified as abnormal.Just say something nice without much sense, man can just become uninteresting girl.A lady on duty compliments bite through instantly.

What to say

nice compliment a girl may disclose either side of her character, you can also talk about beauty - both external and internal.Well, if you are presently known his admiration for the skills of the ladies, her mental faculties, highlight specific skills.But the most pleasing to the ear will compliment any woman regarding her appearance.Just noticing albeit small, but still feature the girl, the guy will be offset in the category carefully, and therefore the good guys.

How to talk

nice compliment a girl can be told differently.It is recommended to say simply, with a smile and an honest look.And you can try a few defuse the atmosphere and try to rhyme his remarks by making the appropriate hand gestures.The girl's exactly like it, because all the interesting guys with a sense of humor.However, despite the fun and comical situations, a compliment to be accepted and appreciated.The main thing you should pay attention - is honesty, sincerity and confidence in their own words.Only then can any compliment will be accepted at face value.

How often

guys may wonder, how often is a good compliment to say the girl.Clear deadlines and periods of one will not be able to allocate.It is necessary to look at the girl.One lady in need of sweet words almost hourly, the other significant enough and thorough compliment every six months.You can try to be original and to prepare the 100 best compliment a girl.Having them in a specific notebook and signed by dates, so you can make a gift to his lady and say that every day have to take on the leaves.So a woman will definitely be getting one compliment a day.A man, moreover, pass for a romantic.

No doubt, an eloquent man can easily captivate the girl and her even turn a head.But what do you think, who are lucky enough to hear the best compliment?A girlfriend, right!It is only when the heart trembles, and the feelings you want to sing, and then obtained the most sincere compliments, wishes and pleasant.