How to verify the authenticity of the gold

Forge gold ornaments learned a long time ago.This precious metal has always had strong demand and price.So, and cases of fraudulent manipulation are frequent.Over time, this procedure is more improved, and to date there is a serious risk to buy low-quality product.Many people when buying do not even think that they can cheat.Therefore, wondering how to test gold, or whether it unnecessary impurities begin after a hike to a jewelry store.I must say that to determine the authenticity of the product is only in appearance it is very difficult, even almost impossible.

Fortunately, there are many specialized salons (sometimes examination is carried out in several jewelry stores), where you can turn to expert.This person has special devices for measuring the density of the metal.It is known that fakes often use tungsten, having the same density of gold.Only a specialist can confidently give an accurate conclusion.But our ancestors once mastered themselves, and quite successfully.What was their "expertise"? "

Indeed, there is no one way how to check gold at home. On the most popular ones and will be discussed below.

How to test the gold with a magnet

Such an approach isIf there are suspicions that the decoration is covered with a thin layer of gold leaf, and within cheaters put another metal. This gold, as any noble metal, it never responds to a magnet. If you bring it to the product that you want to verify that the latter should not be drawn. If this happens, then your decorating a contaminant of other materials. It is important to note that some base metals, such as aluminum or copper, and do not respond to gravitation. This means that verification may fail. Thiscase you need to weigh the product in hand, especially if you have something to compare: real gold will be much harder.

Check with iodine and vinegar

This process is also quite simple and does not require much effort.I'm sure everyone in the home medicine cabinet there is at least one small bottle of iodine.The check will be enough drops of this remedy.The product of genuine gold in contact with the iodine it does not respond.On the forgery as a result of the chemical action quickly formed a dark spot (just wait five minutes, then wipe a drop of cotton pad).The second option offers a product to put in the vinegar.Fake gold darken, authentic remains unchanged.But there is a caveat.Gilt decoration will also react to iodine and vinegar as the present.

How to test gold using lyapisnogo

pencil This pencil can be purchased in almost any drugstore.Typically, it is used for medical purposes - to stop the blood.But for a home examination will serve a great role.First Decoration needed to moisten with water, and then hold a small bar on its surface according to a pencil and wipe this place a soft cloth or cotton disc.On the counterfeit product will remain a visible trace.

In the end, you can compare two products.Most likely, you have a different gold jewelry, the authenticity of which has long tested or doubt.This may be a family ring or pendant gained tested jewelry salon.Suitable any product.To test the need to hold two similar bands on some hard object.One - your proven ornament, and the second - the authenticity of which has come under question.Gold reserves of the same sample approximately the same footprint.You can even throw each of the ornaments and then compare the sound of their fall.

course, none of the above methods should not be decisive in determining the authenticity of your gold.Experienced con artists are able to create really high quality fakes.They take into account all the above methods of the home examination.Maybe if you buy even offer to try one of them.Such ornaments usually successfully pass all the tests, except one: the examination by a specialist.Therefore, it is best to seek help from professional experts.