How to make a quick repair the gas tank?

from malfunctioning machines in a way no one is immune.But if in some cases, the driver can remove the damage on their own (for example, replace the wheel), then the other, he starts to panic, grab his head and think what to do next.Such cases include the fuel tank and damage, namely leakages of fuel from the tank.Still, on the Russian roads it might be a lot of surprises, and not the fact that you will reach your destination on time.Yet there are ways that can help you to repair the gas tank and cause the tow truck.

signs of damage

Let's first look at how you can define a hole in the tank.A sign of failure can be a strong smell of fuel in the car.And if you feel that the smell of gasoline in the car, stop immediately and take a look at the testimony of the fuel level sensor.If every second, the figure is reduced, so you need urgent repair of the fuel tank.


There are several ways to eliminate holes in the road.One of them includes the following steps.Once you have found the place, whence the fuel pick bolt Drill a hole in the tank so that it completely overlaps the bolt, insert the bolt into the hole, put the washer and the rubber seal and tighten the nut.Without the use of pads, you can not prevent leakage of gasoline, as it serves as a tire sealant in this case.Repair of machines in this way can only be used when the tank has a large area, and the clearance of the machine allows you to produce a drill hole.

Repair of the fuel tank: a way to number two

previous method would fit perfectly for those who had at an extra camera on the tires.In the following method without the use of this material simply can not do.The ideal situation will serve as the camera from the truck as it is thickest.But few will be stored at in a car spare parts for heavy car, so let's look at the use of passenger version of the camera.After the discovery of the hole you should carefully consider its size and scale of the leak, and only then you decide how big to be a rubber patch.It is important to remember that the wet surface is not suitable for repair, because in five minutes it simply will disappear.So, after you cut the patch, you need to glue it to the surface of the tank to the fuel tank repair.

If the sealing area is not too big, as an auxiliary element can apply a conventional glue "Moment".It must be remembered that the choice of imported products will not always promote good repair.For sealing holes, choose only domestic brand of glue.By the way, such repair of fuel tanks is not temporary and the machine at the same time can work quietly 2-3 years.


If you had a trouble in the form of punched the gas tank, do not despair, because with the help of improvised means you will easily cope with this problem and accurately reach your destination.