Dream Interpretation: what dreams worms?

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you had a worm or worms?These dreams can be interpreted differently.But how to decipher the meaning of dreams?Horoscope can help in the correct interpretation.Worms - a symbol of latent subversion.Usually something that dream of worms, portends a meeting with secret enemies or evidence of their presence.For the correct interpretation must take into account all the circumstances of sleep.

modern dream interpretation, Why dream of worms

If a man had a dream that he had bred worms - in reality should pay attention to the machinations of various enemies.If sleeping managed to get rid of these parasites, it will have a very great success.But do not relax, because for a happy white stripe can immediately begin black.A dream in which worms bred in others, means that the familiar woes threaten dreaming and illness.

Tsvetkov's dream book, Why dream of worms

This dream is often a dream to a new acquaintance.

of interpreters

If a man had a dream of worms, this dream means that he will openly fight their enemies.

XXI century dream book, Why dream of worms

Worms in a dream represent a new acquaintance, and the joy of waking.If a man had a roundworm, perhaps, very soon it will try to raise the charge of libel.He will also have to deal with a very unpleasant people.If you dreamed a lot of worms, then this dream means that sleep is easy to reveal all their hidden ill-wishers and enemies.

Esoteric Dream Interpretation

If a person catch a glimpse of the worms, the front had the most favorable and successful period.

Miller's dream book

If sleeping dreams that he bred worms, he should be wary of the hidden machinations of enemies.Print worms - a large and strong luck.

Azar sonnik

usually worms or worms to dream of great joy.Also, this dream can mean carelessness, because of which may be in trouble.Wood worm-worms in his sleep - suffer losses in real life.To kill worms - avoid trouble and problems.

Female Eastern sonnik

If a person dreams that he bred worms, then you have to be very careful, because the enemies are not asleep.Print worms - a very big success.However, further trouble might follow.Therefore, we must be alert.If you remove the worms from the other, then these people get any disease.

Islamic dream interpretation

Interpretation of Dreams in Islam means that a worm or worms in a dream, who are sleeping in the abdomen, in real life it was his children who feed on his own property.If from the human body or clothes creeps great variety of worms, all his experience he will disappear and be rich.If they crawl out of the anus, then leave the sleeping close relatives.Worm is also a symbol of gossip and slanderer.If a sick person sees in a dream that a worm stuck to his body, in real life it is death.Silkworms in a dream symbolize the subjects of the ruler.

Ivanova sonnik

If a person is found at the worms in his sleep - in reality he has hidden enemies.

Psychological sonnik

If sleeping dream worms, it indicates the presence of his secret enemies.