Shellac Pedicure at home (photo)

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open summer shoes exposes the foot, shows the beauty of the tiny fingers.To foot looked aesthetically pleasing, it is necessary to take care of neat pedicure.Since the summer, cover the nails exposed to external factors, so normal nail has to be applied several times a week.In this case, much easier to do a pedicure shellac.

What is this technology

This innovation in the field of beauty has established itself in the market, and the fair sex had time to enjoy the benefits of coverage.The tool is versatile, as it possesses the properties of both conventional gel and varnish.The application does not require any special skills, just need a light to ultraviolet light.


Manicure, pedicure Shellac has a number of advantages.It is perfectly natural strengthens nails, protecting them from breakage and damage.During the summer and during the holidays it is simply irreplaceable.The coating does not lose gloss and attractive appearance within two weeks.No damage, as when using conventional nail polish, making it a perfect option for a manicure and pedicure.

nails will not lose the appearance that would have done them no.Pedicure with Shellac has a major advantage over other types of coatings - it is completely hypoallergenic.It includes no harmful toxic substances, such as formaldehyde, toluene, and others.

Preparation and pedicures shellac: photo and description

The procedure is painless and does not cause any discomfort.Before coating the nail plate is handled carefully.You must first loosen and remove the cuticle, sanded or cut hardened skin.Then proceed directly to the nails.Straighten them gently sanded surface.

What is needed for a pedicure

To make the most of shellac pedicure at home, you will need: UV lamp, wooden stick for cuticles, degreasing liquid polish, synthetic lint-free cloth to cover - the base, the basic tone, top, or fixer, and to remove the sticky gel layer.When all you need at your fingertips, you can start to work.

do a pedicure

To start the nail plate is processed by a cloth soaked in a liquid for degreasing.Thereafter it can be applied the basecoat.The base layer is thinner, the better.After applying the nails should be dried in UV lamp.If the device has a timer, after the sound leg can be removed.In the absence of this feature, the time necessary to detect independently.The average period of exposure - 60 seconds.The exact time depends on the lamp power and usually specified in the instructions.

Then apply base coat, preferably as a thin layer.Again nails are dried using a lamp.The main layer of semi-transparent first come - it's not scary.After this repetition must be done 1 or 2. Multiple layers of coating give resistance.After each application do not forget to dry the nails in the tube.The final coat is the final layer.Top give your nails shine and provide stability for at least 2 weeks.When applied to the base layer and the subsequent need to consider one useful tip.

If the end of the nail or slice thinly coating process, the moisture can not penetrate into the plate, and therefore, pedicure will keep for a long time.Finally with the help of a special gel is necessary to remove the sticky layer a top coating.Such consistency is formed by polymerizing components of shellac, it should in any case be washed.At this stage, ready shellac pedicure.

How to shoot

Many people wonder stripping procedure because the usual liquid will not.For this purpose created a special tool to remove the coating of shellac.However, experienced masters of manicure and pedicure argue that with careful treatment of the nail with copious amounts of a liquid containing acetone, as well as exposure to heat, the layer is removed quite easily.For the procedures needed cotton pads, foil, nail file for polishing, oil or cream to the cuticle.

Pedicure shellac is removed as follows.A cotton pad impregnated with liquid remover and tightly pressed against the nail plate.Next, finger zamatyvaetsya foil.Doing the procedure with all nails should detect 20 minutes, then remove.This cotton pad should be possible to squeeze the nail plate, as the cover will go one layer almost immediately.Remains of shellac can be removed with a wooden manicure stick.What follows is to make nail polish using a special nail files with multiple coatings.At the end of the procedure should be treated cuticle oil care and nails - cream.


Ideas pedicure Shellac is truly diverse.For the summer, of course, the best option would be a bright coating with an interesting design.For example, suitable geometric or floral patterns.You can combine several options in one pedicure.On four nails done monotonous rich coating, and the fifth - a contrasting picture.

colors may be matched to the accessories or jewelry as a wardrobe in the summer is very unstable.To leave more appropriate bright and extravagant design nails, whereas for the working environment will be advantageous stylish jacket.It can be done in different ways, deviating from the classics to the side of modernity.


very common and is a stylish pedicure lunar shellac.The design makes it similar to the heavenly body.To cover better to choose two contrasting colors, one of which shall be silver or gold plated.While color variations on this theme very much.A very original and looks carefully legged jacket, complete with a variety of decorative elements.For example, on the basis of his beautiful lace pattern lies.

Other ideas

also looks stylish decoration in the form of a small pebble-sized fixed-line growth in the nail.Another option arrangement rhinestones - a white stripe.Even more refined look nails when there is not such a decoration on all at once, and several plates.Lifesaver for pedicure masters, and those who want to diversify the design, is a special print.This device helps to transfer pattern on the nail plate.To do this, stock up and stencils.Among them you can find mes patterns and images that would like to see on their own nails.

shellac pedicure can be done in pastel colors.This color scheme of the nails, especially on the feet, always look neat and attractive.To date, trendy colors are smoky gray, pink, vanilla, milk, coffee, egg, cream and green, wine and others.It should be noted that the colors can be mixed together to produce new variants.For example, adding a rich chocolate white, you can get as a result of light coffee or milk.It helps when you want to create a multi-color design, buy a few options beyond expensive shellac immediately.The kit should be kept up to 5 colors, 2 of them are basic, with the rest of you can make a new tone.

Pedicure Shellac looks good when painted on the nails like pattern.On the basis of pastel colors and print using the stencil well applied silver and gold shades.It is best to perform the pattern on a big nail.For the rest will have to find a smaller stencil.The decor is as follows.Use the brush to apply shellac to the area of ​​the stencil, which is expected to move to the nails.Then, in the same area overlaps an image, which is gaining paint.After that, it should be quickly applied to the nail and gently removed so as not to smudge the image.It should be remembered that the application is considered to constitute a pattern layer and requires a drying tube.A top decor definitely should be secured top.

Conclusion Now you know what a pedicure shellac.Photos of this design marigolds are presented for illustrative purposes in the article.If all the recommendations for the implementation of a pedicure with Shellac nail coating will please his mistress for a minimum of 2 weeks, or even more.It depends on the growth rate of the plate.