Deafness grade 2: treatment.

Reduction in human ability to perceive sound, causing great difficulties with verbal communication, medicine, usually denoted by the term "hearing loss".Hearing loss can be diagnosed as the elderly and in young children.A similar clinical picture is caused by various factors, including congenital disorders.

hearing loss, the reasons of which consist of any external influence or pathologies of internal organs, can be cured with the help of modern medical technology.In this process, considerable care is provided, and folk remedies.

Acute hearing loss diagnosed in young children, it requires a mandatory and immediate treatment, because, among other things, can lead to mental retardation of the child.We consider these issues in more detail.

causes of disease in children

Regardless of the external symptoms of the factors that cause the disease described fairly well understood.Hearing loss in children is triggered by the following diseases:

  • otitis;
  • scarlet fever;
  • measles;
  • rubella.

There are cases when the hearing loss in young children emerged as a result of improper treatment with antibacterial drugs with ototoxic effects.

disorders in adults

aid, symptoms of which appeared later in life, due to:

  • acute infectious disease caused by a variety of dangerous pathogens (meningitis, influenza, syphilis, cytomegalovirus);
  • allergies to a variety of external factors;
  • traumatic impact both directly in the ear and in the head as a whole;
  • neoplasms benign and malignant character, appearing in the cavity of the head;
  • acoustic trauma.

In addition, reducing the ability to perceive sound waves can be caused by atherosclerosis and hypertension.Considerable influence on the quality of hearing and has work in hazardous industries.

organs of hearing older people reduce their functionality due to changes in the auditory nerve, as well as a gradual withering away of internal tissues and the middle ear.

and hearing loss occurs, the causes of which are to poisoning by various toxins at work and in everyday life.

kinds of diseases

There are several varieties of this pathology.First of all, it stands out:

  • unilateral hearing loss (one ear affected);
  • sided deafness (where the negative processes which impair hearing, affects both human organ).

In addition, depending on the reasons that influenced the occurrence of violations, there are several other divisions.Medical experts are distinguished:

  • conductive disease;
  • sensorineural pathology.

should be noted that there are cases when the decrease or loss of hearing affects multiple factors.In this case, a mixed hearing loss is diagnosed, which requires a special approach to treatment.For example, when using the hearing aids need to view with a special design.

conductive hearing loss

This kind of disease appears in a patient in the case where the path of the sound vibrations produced an obstacle.Such violations include:

  • cerumen;
  • abnormal development of the inner or middle ear;
  • various forms of otitis media;
  • foreign bodies in the ear canal;
  • tumor formation;
  • traumatic effects;
  • otosclerosis.

The main feature of the considered species violations - changing, fixed in a sound bone and affect the eardrum.

Sensorineural hearing loss

In this case, the inability to perceive sound is caused by the disappearance of a number of infringement or the ability to convert the vibrations of sound waves in pulses, understandable human brain.

When a patient diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss, symptoms of which are discussed below, there is not only the deterioration of speech perception and sound distortion.

Such a condition can be caused by the following violations:

  • neuritis of the auditory nerve;
  • injuries;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • age-related changes;
  • infectious diseases;
  • hypertension.

distinguish the kind of pathology can be described using the accompanying symptoms, hearing loss is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, tinnitus.

symptoms and the degree of pathology

As mentioned above, external disturbances associated with hearing loss, manifested in the form of noise, a weaker perception of sounds (especially high frequency - a woman's voice, the cries of birds, children's laughter).One often can not hear the interlocutor, increases the volume of the TV, has trouble communicating by telephone.

more acute symptoms of the disease are seen in the pathology caused by a violation of the conversion of sound waves into nerve electrical impulses.Depending on the nature of the symptoms of medicine identifies the following degrees of sensorineural hearing loss:

1 degree. In this case, the patient is able to distinguish the words spoken in a whisper at a distance of about three meters.Normal human speech well received when the source is located at a distance of 4 meters from the ear of the victim.Some sounds are perceived wrong conversation is accompanied by a clear presence of background noise in the ear.

2 degree. When one hears a whisper at a distance of 1 meter, and the words spoken with normal volume - no more four meters, it is possible to speak about the hearing loss of 2 degrees.Treatment of this disease is carried out in a medical facility with the help of special techniques and hardware systems.Sometimes you need to use hearing aids.Incidentally, this leads to hearing loss that the patient perceives sound reference to it only when it is repeated several times with a loud tone.

3 degree. patient does not perceive a whisper from a very short distance (no more arm's length).It interlocutor is heard at a distance of 2 meters.When the extent of hearing loss a person can not feel comfortable in the world, it does not allow him to communicate normally.Treatment and use of the device, enhancing the sound waves, in this case necessarily.

the specific methods of getting rid of the disease are appointed only after a detailed study of the diagnosis and the clinical picture of the disease.You also need to take into account the patient's age.

If we talk about people's treatment of deafness, that such techniques should only be used in conjunction with conventional treatment, and after consultation with a medical specialist.


the purpose of initial diagnosis is usually carried out speech audiometry.Its essence lies in the fact that the doctor who deals with problems of hearing and determines the possibility of the patient to perceive a whisper and normal human speech.

Then to determine the root cause of a particular disease held a consultation with an audiologist.From making their conclusion depends chosen method of getting rid of disease.

Usually the following methods of diagnosis of hearing loss:

  • audiometry;
  • forks;
  • tone audiogram;
  • otoscopy.

Methods of treatment

Specific actions aimed at addressing violations depend on the causes of the disease.

If installed conductive form of pathology, hearing aids need to restore the natural state of the auditory bones and membranes, perceiving sound vibrations.This can be achieved by operating only impact on the damaged organs.In severe cases, it is possible to put in place the damaged organs artificial prostheses.This allows you to cope even with a total loss of hearing.

Greater attention should be sensorineural hearing loss of 2 degrees.Treatment of such disorders is complicated by the fact that it is caused by damage or total loss of specific cells of the ear, which can not be recovered using a scalpel.In this case can help:

  • drug therapy;
  • fizoterapevticheskie procedures;
  • electrical stimulation of the inner and middle ear.

When the third degree of hearing loss will help get rid of deafness only correct selection of the device, amplifying the sound waves.

dwell in more detail precisely on the fight against the disease a second degree of difficulty caused by neurosensory reasons.


often a condition where in the internal and middle ear is deteriorating blood supply, because of which there is a lack of oxygen (hypoxia) of the auditory nerve.This causes deafness 2 degrees.Treatment is precisely to eliminate the above-described symptoms.Well it helps

medicines, the active substance of which has antigipoksichnymi properties.Also, pharmacological agents may be employed, improving the blood circulation of the brain and ear.All these properties are so-called nootropics.These include:

  • "Pentoksifellin";
  • "Cinnarizine";
  • "Fezam";
  • "Semaks";
  • "piracetam" and others.

In addition, these drugs help to improve the resilience and auditory nerve cells to negative external shocks, improve their immunity.

The main factor influencing the effectiveness of treatment, it is necessary to recognize the speed.Thus, immediately after the diagnosis of pathologies listed pharmacological agents to be administered to the body by a dropper.During the first four days, the dose is gradually increased and then maintained for 1-2 weeks.

described therapy should show a positive result, then the patient is transferred to the support and preventive medicine.The rehabilitation period is about 2 months.This preference has given intramuscular injections and pills taken orally.

Naturally, all procedures should be carried out under the strict supervision of a medical professional.


Sometimes deafness 2 degrees, treatment is carried out using the above-described drugs, accompanied by additional external features:

  • nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • vomiting.

This indicates that the negative processes take place not only in the organs of hearing, but also the so-called labyrinth - the organ that allows the brain to determine the position of the body relative to the ground.

To combat the symptoms described apply antihistamines that reduce the pressure of the fluid in the labyrinth and improve blood circulation in the capillaries that permeate the tissue of the inner ear.Examples of such drugs can be:

  • "Betahistine";
  • "Bellataminal";
  • "Betaserk."

Non-pharmacological therapy

to the effectiveness of the treatment was the highest, except for the use of various drugs, you need to take some of the procedures that have a positive impact on the internal organs and the middle ear.This significantly reduce the rehabilitation period.

One of their frequently used techniques - reflexology (one form of acupuncture).Recently, instead of conventional needles can be applied laser beam.Both procedures are similar in nature and feedback.

usual course of acupuncture consists of 10 procedures.If necessary, the treatment is repeated at intervals of one month.

also repeatedly proved its positive effect hyperbaric oxygenation.This procedure involves the following.The victim is breathing special air mixture in which the oxygen content is increased.Its molecules entering the body, have a positive influence on the blood circulation in the capillaries and improve the work of the organs of hearing, which speeds up recovery.


Impaired ability to perceive sound it does not add to his comfort in everyday life.Acute hearing loss at all question his ability to keep their way of life.However, the advances in modern medicine make it possible to fight effectively described pathology.The main requirements - quick and complete medical supervision.So do not neglect the treatment to the doctor, do not self-medicate!