Advertising slogan: the best and bad examples.

As you know, advertising - the motor trade.One of the most important factors in the promotion of a product or product on the market - the slogan for advertising.It should attract the consumer's attention and encourage him to buy.

What is it

advertising slogan - it is a short motto of the company or product, the basic idea of ​​transmitting the entire campaign.The word "slogan" is translated from the English "slogan", "call" or "motto."This short sentence carries a great meaning - with the help of her producer expresses the basic idea and goal of all of their advertising.The function of a slogan is also increasing awareness of the brand, its image and the prevalence of consumers.

problems of creating a slogan

As can be seen from the practice, difficulty making their recognizable slogan found in many manufacturers and sellers of goods.Often it happens that the advertising call just does not work, it is not remembered buyers and, therefore, does not make sense.In this regard, not all companies are taken for the creation of a slogan, in this case from an advertising company or product is presented each time differently.Meanwhile properly developed slogan means a lot - it allows you to make the product easily recognizable, memorable, supports the company's image and brand that he represents.

advertising slogan: how to create

specialists in advertising and public relations say that there are some rules which should adhere to creating slogans.Primarily, this phrase should be remembered.That has created the associative array, where the buyer, hearing a particular set of words, imagine a brand or a product, which is involved in advertising the phrase.In addition, the motto of the company is to be legkoproiznosimym - do not clutter its long phrases and difficult to understand the words.Ideally, the slogan is composed of 2-4 words (sometimes it is possible to use 6).This is useful not only to attract attention, but for the perception and memorization.

If motto too long, in printed form to the end no one will read.Using rhymes are extremely beneficial to the perception - rhymed lyrics strongly zasyadet head buyer, especially if you use it constantly and a lot of times.Figurative phrases and turns of speech involve the imagination of people, and it is very profitable for the manufacturer.For example, advertising one of the dental clinics was specified guarantee of 10 000 chocolates.In the minds of immediately appears a sort of mountain and many wrappers - so it is easy to remember.Naturally, the more fully formed sentence meets all these requirements, the more success you can expect from it.

What words best not to use

One of the main conditions to be met for advertising slogan, - originality.This is very important because there are a number of words that are already so beaten and used that simply did not affect customers.These are a few nouns: the idea of ​​choice, look, taste, feeling, harmony, a dream solution, quality, color, flavor, pleasure, a secret bliss.Adjectives that are also already ineffective - exclusive, correct, true, true, unique, unique, special, exceptional, worthy of a prestigious, true, genuine, real, unique, tried and tested, perfect.They are so often used in advertising that is not perceived by consumers as the words with meaning, but simply look set of letters.If some of them are still in use, it is best to dilute their original additions or unexpected meaning to the slogan was not too banal.

meaning slogan

When a slogan for advertising, authors can use several approaches to its meaning.For example, you can specify the functionality and features of the subtleties of the goods, to declare it the best of its kind.You can emphasize the benefits to the consumer - that he will receive when buying products.You can position your product as the most appropriate for the particular social, demographic or age group - aimed at using it for advertising slogans.Examples: "Gilette - the best a man", "The new generation chooses Pepsi" and so on. D. Well, if the advertisement indicates one of the main activities of the company - "We connect people" for mobile, for example.An excellent result gives a reference to the merits of the Company or its high status - "20 years in the market," for example, or "We do sports available" y "Sportmaster".Some manufacturers create some sense of proximity to its customer, assuring him that "you deserve it" or "all in awe of you."Be sure to take into account: the slogans of advertising companies in any case must not be dismissive or condescending tone, you can not use denial - because subconsciously it will cause rejection.Best option - to use only positive and life-affirming phrases that every buyer will want to include yourself.

Special techniques to effectively impact on consumers

The advertising industry accepted subtly influence the perception of the buyer with the help of special techniques - these include the pun.For example, when using the so-called alliteration - all the words in a phrase made up of similar letters and each word begins with the same letter - "Your pussy would buy" Whiskas "" Clean - clean Tide "," Wella - You are great. "For the samepurposes the reception repetition of positive words: "A solid bank for respectable people," "Fresh look for fresh fruit." This certainly is worth considering where it is used in advertising - in print basic load is given in the text are the importance and the meaning of each wordor phrases can not be overestimated. The videos can be perfectly supplemented by the call visuals and bright pictures. Radio advertising makes it possible to use intonation and voice - "RedBull okrylyayayaeeet".

Use neutral motto

All advertising slogans can be divided into thosewho speak about a specific product or activity, and those that are just a call or a positive thought: "You are always ahead of the competition", "think positive", "We make your business prosper."Such phrases, on the one hand, are convenient from the point of view of conversion of - they can be used for any activity even if the firm suddenly starts to produce something else, in addition to the main product, and on the other hand, they are anything not specified and may beused by any other company.In addition, it is perceived as a set of words - nothing specific about the product or service a slogan does not say so, the customer can simply not pay attention to him.

best slogan for advertising

Creating advertising - a creative process, and there are a lot depends not only on compliance with the rules, but from the genius of the creator.For example, many of the most famous advertising slogans "went to the people" - this is a great success for the company and its product.Repeated phrases people at times increases the popularity of the brand.The best advertising slogans are remembered for many years, even when the goods are no longer on the market.Examples include the phrase: "Peace, friendship, chewing gum - the company" RotFront "," Yandex - there is everything, "" Sometimes it's better to chew than talk - Stimorol "," Russia - a generous soul, "" The tanks are not afraid of dirt - Kamaz"" Take a break - eaten Twix ". Successful wordplay used in advertising" free - Volvo "," There is an idea - there's IKEA ". The beer advertising successful examples of slogans -" Who goes for "Klin?" "Ovip Locos""Time flies with Fat" - all these phrases survive in the modern language and are often mentioned without reference to the brand.

Western companies usually form a new slogan for each country in which the imported product on the Russian market for many products and name recognition thanks to the slogan: "Rexona - never let you down," "Take care of yourself. Garnier", "Rondo -Fresh Breath easier to understand. "All these advertising slogans and slogans on everyone's lips.Due to the frequent repetition of such advertising in the media really works and motivates consumers to choose these products.

errors in advertising

Unsuccessful advertising slogans, unfortunately, quite common.For example, it makes you wonder the slogan "If you're going to eat dumplings, you will live forever as Lenin" or "We obuem the whole country!"of a shoe factory.Such calls sound pretty strange, does not run every buyer to purchase the goods after such advertising.Sometimes errors are caused by a mistranslation - for example, the company Pepsi has launched the China market a movie in which a call "to cheer up with Pepsi" was translated as "Pepsi will raise from the grave of your ancestors," and one of the beer companies in America called "Make yourself free," that theSpanish translation became "suffer from diarrhea."Needless to say that the products did not enjoy success.There are some funny things for which the manufacturer is forced to rename the product to sell in the territory of any country - for example, condoms Visit Russia were renamed Vizit, to avoid association with the "hanging".Another example - Nestle company in the promotion of the brand "Gerber" is not taken into account the fact that African countries made to draw on the product packaging only the products themselves, not the people, as many in the country read do not know how, and guided only by the pictures on the package.Products of the company with an image of happy children and mothers are not in demand as long as the company has not changed its appearance.


slogan in advertising began to use a very long time.In the Soviet Union, many companies use this method to increase demand.For example, the creation of the legendary appeals dealt Vladimir Mayakovsky - He wrote the motto "Nowhere except in Mosselprom", "Comrades, people! Be cultured On the floor is not spit, and spit into the ballot boxes," "Best nipple was not and is not readysuck up to his old age ... ".

Interesting facts

In Western countries, slogans are not only used to attract customers, but also to the church congregation.For example, a broad popular phrase "shocking mom. Go to church", "guarantee salvation! Otherwise, refund your sins."

In some cases, a slogan to advertise leave without translation to preserve the originality of the company and emphasize the basic idea.Most often it is permissible with very short sentences, the meaning of which can be guessed without translation - for example, Volkswagen.Das Auto or Nike.Just do it.

From the above it can be concluded that the creation of a slogan - a real creativity and a whole science about which we should not forget all those who wish to promote their products or goods on the market and profitable to sell it more than once.