How to choose a car battery?

Before we answer the question: "How to Choose a battery for the car?" - Should discuss the features of the battery.Among them, the polarity, size, battery capacity, the process of fixing it in the engine compartment or luggage compartment, the type of accommodation terminals.

car battery - is one of the most important units.Let us consider its main elements.

housing.He holds the contents, combining all the elements.The enclosure must be strong and acid-fast, and withstand high and low temperatures.The most popular material used to make such devices - is polypropylene.The housing of the cell packages installed plates, which are composed of many plates with alternating polarity.They are made of lead and have a cellular structure for the application thereto of the active mass.This mass is the main agent in the battery.She applied brushstrokes, and because such batteries are referred to as batteries with pasted plates type.Between the plates are separators that prevent their closure.Separators made of plastic, conductive electrolyte.Such a construction is assembled in a package and is strapped bandage.Due to possible discrepancy shroud plates and their mutual displacement.

capacity.Before choosing a battery for the car, you need to find out what his electric capacity.This parameter is measured in ampere-hours (A / h).With power consumption at start of the engine, it increases parallel to the increase in battery voltage, since it is necessary to turn the starter motor longer.However, the purchase of a battery with higher capacity will not solve the problem with starting the engine in cold weather.

How to choose the battery for the car?First you need to pay attention to its polarity.He has two of them: upstream and downstream.They are indicated by a plus and minus on the body.

If you choose battery for cars on its brand, then you need to pay special attention to the location.In vehicles of American and Korean batteries are standard: in the engine compartment to the right of the engine.Wherein the wire terminals are disposed so that the left plus located.In another case, the battery for the car will have to choose from the Polish, Ukrainian and Belarusian.

How to choose a car battery in size if they are not known?We need to ask the sales assistant tape measure and measure the size, and then get the size guide.Attention should be paid and the battery mount.

is important not only how to choose the battery for the car, but also how to prolong the service life of the unit.After all, the longer it lasts, the better.The main condition for a good operation of the device - is the air temperature.And the lower it is, the worse will penetrate the electrolyte between the cell plates.Because of this the reaction rate decreases, and the time the engine starts increases.