Business in the production of seals

business of manufacturing seals is a very profitable business that does not require large capital investments for its organization.Recoup all the company after two months of successful operation.In a press release is necessary to spend just ten rubles, and sold it for a total of 10-60 times greater.Once abolished the need to have a license to open such activities, to create such a business has become much easier.Now you just need to register as a private entrepreneur, the small size of the room rent, buy a computer with a laser printer, and the other necessary equipment, to distribute advertising and the trick is done.Today
services for the production of seals in demand in each region and the demand for it disappears.The most popular use seals and stamps with different tooling.Of course, here, as in any other business, there is competition.The truth is, it is not everywhere.In large cities, it is, in small - less.
process of creating print consists of the following stages: first, the need to find a customer.Secondly, you must place your order from the customer.It should include the image on the print (types of samples approved by the registration authorities), enterprise registration documents and ready to sketch.If the latter is absent, it is necessary to draw - this service is from three to ten dollars.The third thing you need to do to get ready to print - is to bring the sketch to the positive or negative film on a laser printer.What follows is a cliché to materialize, and mount it in a snap.This will require either an adhesive tape or glue.Accessories - a detail which is inserted into the ready cliches.Tooling can be both domestic and imported.They are made of wood, plastic or metal - manual tooling.

The retail price of the entire print must include price and clichés and accessories.In addition to the manual and automatic equipment are - they have built Stamp cushion.If you are printing kraskonapolnennye, then they will require special tooling.It is produced by flash technology have been impregnated with printing ink itself.
Modern production printing uses four types of technology to create dies: Flash technology photopolymer method, laser engraving and the way raw rubber vulcanization.
most popular and cheapest method is a photopolymer.It was with him on the need to start a business producing seals.
Flash technology is considered the easiest to manufacture.
method of laser engraving on today is the most expensive method of making prints.The process of creating
seals raw rubber vulcanization process is quite time-consuming, but the quality.