Rumors about the plants 'Stankomash'

¬ęStankomash" pay for mistakes bailiffs

Several news agencies continue to exaggerate rumors about the situation in the Chelyabinsk plant "Stankomash."Willfully or unwittingly thrown individual journalists information about certain illegal netting schemes, as well as non-existent conspiracy financial management of the enterprise and the bailiffs.At the same time most of the commentary on the management of the company for some reason no one asked.

all started in 2004 when the plant was in a difficult situation, performing unprofitable, but order a mandatory defense value.Payments came to the plant parts and in time.There was a fiscal imbalance.It led to the failure of the terms of payment of wages and violated the schedule of tax payments.

As a result, by 2007, a debt.According to the procedure of recovery, it was decided to transfer part of the property of "Stankomash" for sale.Subject to alienation factory recreation "SPRING", located on the lake Chebarkul.According to company management, the cost of "fontanelle" was 87 million rubles. Office of the Federal Bailiff Service of the tax in the Chelyabinsk region insisted on the amount of more than four times less - 20 million. Rubles.

In 2009, the property was sold for this price and 20 million. Rubles came at the expense of regional management of the bailiff service.Factory workers have tried to challenge the unfavorable conditions of sale of the recreation of the arbitral tribunal.The proceedings dragged on until 2011, when the Supreme Arbitration Court ultimately sided with the bailiffs.

Over the period of litigation, the money received from the buyer, have been "frozen".And all this time the plant was forced to solve the problems with the payment of salaries and taxes on their own!When in late 2011, officers decided to send the money for the intended purpose, it emerged that part of the sum has disappeared!In response to requests from the plant management in the Office of Bailiff replied that "a significant portion of the money received from the sale of recreation" SPRING "kidnapped".What happened?

by order of the Federal Bailiff Service number 152 of 02.12.2011 was held a check enforcement proceedings.This review was initiated by the Office in connection with the criminal proceedings against the bailiff ESFedyashkinoy for the crime under Part. 4 Art.160 UFPA.Bailiff charged with embezzlement of funds (transfer of money to the account of persons who are not party to the enforcement proceedings) in the period from spring 2009 to late summer 2011.As a result, deficit amounted to more than 8 million. Rubles.

Although remaining in the accounts of the Office of 12 million were immediately distributed to claimants, the result of this unfavorable history: to pay for the mistakes of others had it "Stankomash."Due to the unprofessional actions of public officials, the company has actually become double victims - first base, "SPRING" was sold four times cheaper than its market value, and then even on this, the amount of low, unscrupulous officials managed to steal two fifths.