Some types of examinations

Examination is a special study and interpretation of the establishment of certain facts and circumstances.For this activity you must have special knowledge in any scientific field, the field of art or craft or fishing.

Some types of examinations

study old documents.In this case, the physical and chemical evaluation of old signature seal, the authenticity of the recording, and more.This study is conducted without damage or changes to the document using a special technology - spektrometroskopii.

Handwriting examination used in the study of the letter for the establishment of certain characteristics of the person enforcing the signature or written text.

technical and forensic analysis is carried out to determine the partial or total forgery.The objects of this study should include the following documents: typewritten, handwritten, made by printing methods.In addition, the study can be applied to the letter guns (markers, pens, pencils, etc.), materials (paper, ink, etc.), printing, funds used for etching texts.The objects of the study could be attributed to equipment, accessories to it, binding materials, and so on.

As a rule, the above studies are used as a kind of forensic examinations and conducted in accordance with the ruling of the court, of the investigation or inquiry.However, such an assessment can be carried out in accordance with the civil law contract for laboratory studies.

Engineering kinds of examinations

Construction and technical assessment used to separate complexes and facilities, construction sites and their elements, certain areas, special areas, land that have a functional relationship with the objects of construction.The objects of study also include materials, structural elements, products, engineering systems, arrays soil, plumbing fixtures, electrical equipment and so on.

Land survey expertise carried out in respect of land plots, plots of different purpose, documents confirming the right of ownership, disposal of bodies of local self-government to allot plots of boundary cases, cadastral documents, certificates of BTI.

Engineering and Technology kinds of expertise are different studies of complex equipment, its technical condition, attributes, defects, malfunctions, injuries, circumstances and causes.Thus, the objects include assessment tools, machines, equipment, lifts, elevators, machines, cranes, equipment, apparatus.Learn as production lines, raw materials, drawings, photographs and other

computer-technical assessment is an independent native forensic examinations.It refers to the engineering category.Conducted to determine the status of the object as a computer means to gain access to existing data on the media and its subsequent comprehensive investigation.The objects of study include classes of hardware, software, or information objects.

phonoscopic types of examinations are used to establish a person whose speech was recorded on a phonogram, seized equipment for recording, determine the reliability and authenticity of records.This study also used to establish a method of manufacturing the recording (or overwriting the original), the facts signs of counterfeit phonograms, class, and other type of microphone.

Different types of environmental assessment are used as a legal measure that ensures the fulfillment of certain environmental requirements.