What cure dancing?

Isadora Duncan argued that, moving in a certain way, you can change your state of mind.Recent studies show that dancing can heal and physical ailments.And how to choose dance according to the diagnosis?

- Dance classes strengthen the muscles of the back, abdomen and legs, improve blood circulation and metabolism in the joints and spine, coordination, promote the development of posture, train the respiratory system - says Rose Tsallagova, professor, head of the department of preventive medicine NSU them.Lesgafta.- Activities to help recover from injuries (after 6 months) and fractures (after 10-12 months) - they contribute to increase the range of motion in the joints, creating the necessary pressure without overtaxing the cardiovascular system.

Dancing relieve tension and help in the initial stages of hypertension (scientists suggest that it occurs as a reaction to stress).

has long been observed that people professionally involved in dance, live longer and maintain clarity of mind (a vivid example - Igor Moiseyev).When dancing classes physical activity combined with cerebral strain (while dancing would keep the rhythm and movements of the partner).At the same time, each dance has its own medical "specialization."

Latin dances (rumba, cha-cha-cha, salsa)

The dance involves the pelvis and hips - is training the hip joints, prevention of diseases of the lumbar spine.Sport improves blood circulation of the pelvic organs, are recommended for problems of reproductive system and sexual disorders.


dance requires a perfectly flat back.Activities strengthen the muscles of the back and legs, train the vestibular apparatus, the nervous system is unloaded.Suitable for patients with spinal osteochondrosis and hernias, for middle-aged and elderly.


in discos and corporative people move to improvise under the influence of inspiration, the music.These dances, though do not have pronounced therapeutic properties, it is still useful.Firstly, it is optimally dosed physical activity (the person has never danced "through not want"), and secondly, most people intuitively move correctly unloading "squeezed" area and evenly distributing pressure throughout the body.Not to mention the fact that the physical movement improves digestion and serve as prevention of hangover.


This energetic, fiery, rhythmic dance by chance called "the fiery queen of carnival."Samba trains respiratory and cardiovascular systems, improves the response.Recommended for metabolic disorders and obesity.


Based on movements that are natural for the female body.Smooth movement hips activate the blood supply of the pelvic organs, relieve tension with the back muscles (pains disappear), improve posture, strengthen muscle tone.Prevention of osteoporosis and diseases of the pelvic organs.


in hospitals in Argentina applies tangoterapiya.Promoter of the therapeutic properties of the tango - Professor Roberto Pedro - believes that dance helps in treating depression, schizophrenia, headaches, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.The need to memorize complex movements and how they should perform exercises the brain well.


main dance - keep your back and arms.Flamenco is well strengthens back muscles, is the prevention of diseases of the joints.Tilt, turn and twist strengthen obliques, muscular system, which ensures the maintenance of the internal organs in place.It is indicated for cervical osteochondrosis and for the prevention of diseases of the joints.

Lydia Yudina

Articles Source: aif.ru