Geometria Open Kitchen in Blackberry cafe: food with humor by renowned chef Mark Statsenko!

April 16 in the open kitchen restaurant Blackberry café , at Academician Sakharov Prospect, 10, a popular project Geometria Open Kitchen gathers representatives of the show business on the comic fun gastronomic experiments, which will be held under the direction of renowned chef Mark Statsenko.Gathering guests at 20:00

Mark began his career at age 14, working an assistant cook.Now he regularly takes part in professional workshops.As a member of the Federation of professional chefs and confectioners Russia, creates a menu with the author's views on every dish.Terrific salads, hot meals are served in an interesting way, and the familiar taste is complemented by special sauces and dressings.Mark prepares mainly Russian and Italian cuisine, it never ceases to amaze simple solutions in relation to a variety of dishes.

gastronomic adventure in the new master of humor should be prepared in time two original dishes of author cuisine: Fun tempura shrimp and squid with clothespins and this ginger aioli, Shake-Shake Gazpacho «Bloudy Mary» tartare with avocado, mango and chilli.Upon completion of the task, each participant will present culinary show prepared dish demanding jury, inventing an original joke.

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Winner Open Kitchen attend a photo-project Geometria «favorite food."Veduschimvechera act cheerful Gregory Pogosyan.

pleasant surprise for all guests Blackberry café will be a special set menu, which you can try to book a table at a restaurant, the cost will be 1500 rubles.

names of dishes copyright Mark Statsenko:

- salmon with yuzu juice, red caviar and goat cheese for cream of burnt onions and the Crimean wines.

- Veal with parsnip puree, madeira sauce and lemon and beetroot chips.

- kurabye with blueberry cream and granite of Georgian wine.

musical mood the evening artists will create a label Black Star: Natan, Yegor KReeD, atakzhe singer Hannah.The latter presented a new song together.It will support

musical atmosphere dj-set from Keep ID.

Another surprise of the evening will be a special musical set from Anna Khil'kevich.

Blackberry cafe - restaurant as a way of life.The interior of the restaurant is a multi-level open space, combining classic and modern, rustic Provence and urban motifs.Columns, carpets and chandeliers peacefully coexist here with stretching across the ceiling vent pipes.

signs of the times - an open kitchen, which allows guests to watch the process of cooking Open Kitchen - a trendy gastronomic events format, which is a fixture in the star culinary competition that brings together chefs, amateurs and professionals.