Beauty secrets from Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts - woman, all its beauty and captivating luminous smile, battled through the heart.Today, with three children, she looks incredible!Who, if not her have something to share with the female half of humanity?Actress shares her secrets with pleasure.

Read and shakes on a mustache!

To begin with - the main recipe for beauty!Be happy!Then you radiate light and joy.This is all the more effective diets, creams and Botox.As Julia says, the way we look - a reflection of how happy we are.Enjoy life!Depression and trouble, all the emotions and feelings instantly affect the face.It is an inner feeling of happiness - the basis of beauty.The person, posture, manners - all this reflection of our inner sense of self.Therefore, the best way to beauty Julia Roberts calls her husband hugs and kisses.

Julia Roberts smiles often - this is her calling card.It seeks to ensure that her teeth looked perfectly.In the morning, she puts on a toothbrush crushed strawberries and brushing his teeth.It gives shine enamel.And only after that floats with fluoride toothpaste.Every six months must visit the dentist.

not leave without attention and get fit!This best assistants - not diet and an active lifestyle and sports.Julia Roberts prefers aerobics, yoga, kickboxing, and loves to arrange the morning jog.She believes that her appearance - it's a good heredity.Julia does not adhere to strict rules of diet and nutrition, but ensures that in its present diet salmon (a must!), As well as fruits, berries and herbs.It maintains the elasticity of her skin, freshness and youth.Plus Julia excluded from your diet gluten - a protein complex that is part of many sweets and baked goods.

Asked what she would change in yourself, Julia Roberts said that she would like to keep your back straighter.

skincare and makeup

1. She did not consider it necessary to collect on your shelf are many jars of creams and lotions sorts.This, in its view, unnecessary.Star enough cream with SPF-protective effect and care cream for the eye area.The older you get, the more important these funds.Cream she chooses only light and almost weightless structure.

2. We all know that the secret of youth - to moisturize the skin.To care for a Julia Roberts uses olive oil, or adding it to the cream, or just putting it in the body after a shower.He also uses it to give shine to hair.Roberts causing agent as a mask.Before going on the red carpet in barefoot Julia Roberts gets in olive oil on your feet and wear socks - foot after this incredibly smooth and well maintained!

3. Julia Roberts - not in favor of pretentious and overly bright makeup.The main thing for it - accentuate the natural beauty without making dramatic changes in bright colors.Her choice - this is an absolute minimum.It imposes on the upper eyelid thin liner bending, several layers of high quality ink, which does not allow even a hint of lumps.Mascara actress puts on recycled necessarily have cilia.And the lipstick or lip gloss - all way over!Occasionally Julia Roberts can add some golden shadows.

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