Interpretation of cards at divination

What is needed in order to determine the correct interpretation of the cards at guessing?Let's start with the fact that before you start to wonder, you need to buy a deck of tarot cards.Since they provide a choice of a great variety, then you need to choose the method you like decks.So, if you liked the cards, and their power suits you the best way possible, the next step would be to study them.

Interpretation of Tarot cards in the divination based on three ways.One of them - a classic learning of the interpretation or divination using an interpreter.This method relies on mechanical action.If you use this method, it is a good interpreter of the value of the card you will not ever be, because you absolutely can not understand the map, to feel them.

second way - an interpretation of cards when using numerology numerology.This method is based on a long study of the numerical cards of which are Younger arcane.But to dwell on it in this topic is not necessary.

third way to attracts with its originality and interesting approach.True connoisseurs of these cards is considered his most productive.It is based on an intuitive interpretation of tarot cards on the associations that come to mind at the sight of a particular card.That's what this process will be discussed in the future.

The first thing you should do after purchase - is to retire in any room.Make it so that you in your endeavors to let no one, even the music in the room is turned off, because the melody will only interfere.To your mind not sunk into oblivion must be reserved in advance pen and notepad.

So, everything is ready, you are focused.Now take the first card hand, consider it and then drawing in a notebook write down all your thoughts on the selected map.To help you, below are sample questions for which you must answer.

  • Give the map a particular name and serial number.
  • Describe associations that this card you have brought.
  • the picture you see on the map?
  • Think and describe the objects that attracted your attention.If possible, write why?
  • describe their features.
  • What objects do you think are more important?Why is that?
  • If there are people on the map, please describe what they are doing?Or tell us how they behave images of objects, what happens to them?
  • Watch the facial expressions of people and their postures, or describe the objects located on the map.
  • Try to suggest that the map was happening before the drawing took such a form.
  • Imagine what would happen with the picture in the future.
  • Describe the emotions that arise when looking at the map.
  • Give some advice image of the character.

If you have answered all the questions, you can read all that you have recorded.Now in your hands the definition of a particular field value cards.Try to break up the values ​​of the points.For example:

  • in the individual scenario you must identify the character traits that you can learn from this card;
  • scenario in relation to need to understand how this map shows the relationship between people;
  • interpretation of the cards with the divination of the situation to try to determine the overall forecast maps according to how it affects the present situation;
  • when event-scenario should be submitted with some events may be related to the card;
  • if we take the interpretation of health, imagine about what the problems of health can tell the card;
  • and the last - is the answer yes or no.Determine for each particular card, which of these responses it can give a simple question asked.

Initially, this will be enough.Now, to make sure that you have written everything correctly, try to compare the classical value of your cards.This is not only useful, but also very important.There is no doubt that the comparison of classical treatment and your cause a huge surprise: so they will look like.But your analysis of the maps will be much deeper and fuller.Of course, no cost and no differences, but not discouraged, because every professional fortuneteller close to her own interpretation, while it works almost flawlessly.This is most likely due to the fact that each has its own individual deck of cards.

And finally, when you could make a deep analysis of the 78 cards, you can safely try the simplest layout, because to understand the purchased card will not be difficult.All this will help to use the cards in the interpretation of divination that can understand and feel just you.