The fattest people in the world - some stories of life ...

Someone too full of representatives of Homo sapiens are surprising, someone - a pity someone - even disgust.But they all share in popularity.The fattest people in the world really are of interest.Why they are not like you and I?How did their lives?We'll tell you about a few destinies and show photos fattest people on the planet.

begin with Carol Yeager, whose weight reached 727 kilograms in the prime of life.The thicker the women in the world have not yet been."Thanks to the" insatiable appetite, a native of Flint (MI) has become a different solid weight and dimensions have decent childhood.As the woman admitted, constant hunger began to pursue her after the strongest experienced stress as the result of a relative domogany.In 20 years, she was confined to her bed, because their own legs could not withstand the enormous weight, which grew steadily.Paramedics who helped care for Carol lament: too much weight is sure to become the cause of many related diseases.Years passed.It would seem that fate smiled at the woman, Carol learned Spinger Jerry, is a famous show-Mohn and dietitian.Payment for participation in the transfer was to be free treatment.However, help from a nutritionist woman did not wait.Weight continued to rise.Carol really began to celebrate the new disease.The American was hospitalized several times a year.And for the transportation of special equipment had to be ordered, or drop off as a fat woman to the hospital was simply unrealistic.At the time of the next hospitalization Carol weighed as much as 540 kg.Even then, the American suffered from congestive heart failure and edema.The fluid does not have time to leave the body, squeezed all the internal organs, tread through the skin.The efforts of doctors and rigid diet allowed to lose almost half the weight.However, to get rid of heart failure, high blood sugar and respiratory disorders American failed.Returning home, Carol again beat on food and gained weight, unseen before - 727 kg.The reason that a woman is not made to the section "the fattest people in the world" Guinness is unknown.Officially, the weight has not been registered.Carol died in 34 years.

list marked "the fattest people in the world," continues John Minnoh - American born in 1941 (Bainbridge, WA).Tolstoy, he was always, however, this did not prevent him to fully live and even work.Twenty years of a taxi driver with a weight of 180 kg did not even think about possible problems.And they do not have to wait.The man continued to gain weight and to 25 years received more than three hundred kilograms.His movements became constrained to work, he has, of course, could not.Note in the 317.5 kg was recorded in 1966. However, limited funds did not affect the amount of food eaten by John.A few years have added dozens of American kilograms.With a weight of 635 kg, it has become absolutely helpless.Doctors saw salvation only in a strict diet of 500 kcal per day.John was indignant, claiming it is killing healthy meals rather than cures.The American was sent to the hospital, where he was held another course, will reduce the weight to 215 kg (a week "leaves" 15 kg).It would seem that life had finally adjusted.However, after returning home, John returned to his "diet", gaining 90 kg per week.Soon Minnoh was forced to go to the hospital again.Racing Weight lasted until 1983. John died at 43, leaving a wife and two children.On the day of the death of an American weighed 363 kg.

In section "the fattest people in the world" and was Manuel Uribe.Weight 570 kg was recorded in the Guinness book.Dialing to 22 years 130 kg, it does not stop there.Weight is rapidly growing.Manuel became a hostage of his own body, unable to leave the house.From the proposed operation to the Italians in the gastrointestinal anastomosis man refused, preferring a diet.When Manuel moved to his fiancee, Claudia, the situation began to change dramatically.The woman, burying her first husband, who due to obesity refused to heart, did not want to put up with the disastrous situation of a loved one.Claudia watched Manuel powered to keep it moving and even taught to dance.The results shocked everyone: Mexican dumped as much as 230 kg!Today, Manuel wants to lose weight at least 100 kg, to drive the ball with the child Claudia.

in a list called "the fattest people in the world" and got the girl from Chicago.Society has learned about Jessica Leonard in 2007, when the story hit the American TV channels.Seven year old child weighed 222 kg ... !!!As my mother said, "baby", the girl constantly demanded new portions of food.The child would not hear of a normal and healthy food.Jessica swallowed with pleasure just fast food (pizza, cheeseburgers, french fries, hamburgers, and so on. P.), All washed down with soda mostly.Daily stomach had to take more than 10 thous. Kcal, while the norm is 1800 kcal.Limit eating Jessica seemed impossible: the girl rolled her violent tantrums, begging her mother put on the table a new portion of your favorite food.Little American in 10 years stopped walking (she just crawled or rolled) and hardly spoke (muscle fat puffy face refused to work).Moreover, the curved leg bones, in the wrong ways frozen joints.A series of stories about incredible obese child has angered the public.People demanded to punish the mother for the abuse of his daughter and treat girls."Dollar Baby" doctors do.A strict diet and active exercise will reduce the weight to 82 kg.Now Jessica must move further and a number of operations to remove much saggy skin.

And now we'll show you how to look like the fattest people in the world (photo made on the "peak" of weight).

Carol Yeager:
John Minnoh:

Manuel Uribe:

difficult to say what guided these people, gaining such weight.Rather, they have been a victim of his desire to eat tasty and dense.But some of the most comprehensive people on the planet tolstel intentionally with the purpose to see your name in the book of Guinness.Among obsessed with this idea - Donna Simpson, vesivshaya at 43 273 kg.The fact that her name appeared once in this book (as the thickest mother) was not enough.Now the American plans to double its weight by eating at least 12 thous. Kcal daily.Limit of her dreams - to be on the page of the famous book by a mark "the fattest people in the world."She was not afraid of rejection of the organs, and premature death.Is it a dream realized, time will tell.So far, it has achieved a divorce from her husband.