Smiling man - the most effective tool

Mimicry person - this is a necessary condition for visual communication with each other, without which the picture of the conversation and the whole meaning of what is happening would not have been so clear and colorful.However, among the variety of gestures only it deserves special attention, without which it is impossible to imagine a single individual on earth - a smiling man.

physiognomic value of this process in the body has been studied and studied by many specialists in various fields and has long proven its influence on the life and condition of any of us.Man with a smile on his face makes a lot of things every day - welcomed friends and even those who see for the first time, live and communicate with the telephone conversation, reading and watching movies ....The minimum number of commission in the process is ten times a day.

Psychologists say that the smile of a man - this is a tool that helps us to get rid of stress, to win the interlocutor, and even improve immunity!The rush of positive emotions in the facial muscle contractions to provide each and ensures improved productivity and quality of life.

Unfortunately, proved that Russia - this is the most serious country, at least, these studies relate to business representatives.However, in the service sector such a thing as the smile of a man seen in our time can not often, and in fact, a smile to his companion, or just someone who is on the contrary, you can achieve stunning results!If you encounter an aggressive person, try to smile at him.You will see that at least its negative attitude to decline by half, and you can achieve absolutely positive result - anger disappears and you get an answering smile.Smiling man works wonders!If you feel sad - remember the smile of a loved one, you'll notice an improvement in your mood and desire to smile.

Why are we afraid to hand out the positive emotions?Probably because that our country - it is the only one in all the land, where there are many phrases and sayings that from childhood we assert that need to be serious.For example, laughing for no apparent reason - a sign know what.That is why we perceive gay and positive people like those who can not take in your life right decisions, smiling salesman is only one thought - always cheat, smiling girl in the services sector - to her for this underpaid, smiled a stranger on the street - probably therespots on the face or clothes.We are afraid to show others the way we really are to get a positive result, but is not always right.Smile!And you will succeed!

smile standing next to a man - is so powerful weapon in the fight against the greyness of days that it simply can not be overstated!Photo smile people are attracted more attention to itself than tears, remember this and make it a rule.Smile and life will smile in response to you!