How to answer children's questions?

Children are very inquisitive by nature, their endless "why?", Baffled even parents with experience, what to speak of the young parents.How to answer children's questions, and do not lie to him when you do not know the answer, and do not dismiss and thus stimulate the cognitive interest of the child?

Never ignore the question of the child, even if you do not have time or question you feel silly or unimportant.Very often we think those stupid questions that do not know how to answer.Adult everything seems simple and obvious, and the child is just beginning to explore the world, and it many things and concepts seem very strange and incomprehensible, and thank you for it - the most important and authoritative source.

Let's take for example a children's question "Why is the sun does not fall?" And see how we can respond to it.Similarly, you can respond to any child "why".

A dummy

Well, because it does not fall and all.Because.You're still small and do not understand.Go ask my grandmother.Grow up -

you will understand, etc.

agree that this is not the answer, and excuses.

Responding like this, we say to the child that he had asked a stupid and uninteresting question, and we shall assure ourselves that kind of answer, not ignored the issue completely.In fact, we did not meet the expectations of the child and gradually losing its credibility in his eyes.The child learns quickly and he soon realizes that it is better not to ask you about difficult things.

answer provocation

And why do you think that they should fall?And why the Earth does not fall on the Sun?

This response better than the last, but only if you are willing to continue the conversation.So you offer your child to think, to reason, to look for the answer together.You fire up children's curiosity is great.But be prepared that answering a question with a question, you provoke a wave of new issues.On the other hand, you win time to themselves to find the appropriate answer (a quick google or look in the children's encyclopedia).

answer with reference to the universe

way of the world.The laws of physics do not allow it to fall.So God wanted.Adult

the answer seems to be very clever and even philosophical, and the child is again empty shell, because, in fact, you did not explain anything.And most importantly the child - no food for thought.In children, there is little experience of life, so he has nothing to object to it and ask for more, too, kind of like nothing.

Scientific, too long answers

Sun over Earth's linear dimensions of about 109 times, and the volume - 1.3 million times the Sun enormous forces of gravity keeps the earth around him ...

exaggerated example, butthe essence is clear: giving an exhaustive answer in terms of scientific knowledge, we're kind of talking all well but most children will not understand us.In addition, the answer is simply not to keep the baby a chance something doosmyslit come to some conclusion.Children's curiosity is extinguished, and you child turn into a walking dictionary.In some cases, this response is good that children's questions on the subject for the time runs out.Such a response is like a child with a logical mind, which itself requires the most accurate data.On the other hand, if I answer every question, you get pretty boring - from birth to live in a world where everything has been studied and described.

Fabulous and anthropomorphic responses

Because the sun glued to the sky with special glue.Because it clings to the sky rays.

Such responses are only good for little kids.They love a fairy tale, and fairy tales all animals and natural phenomenon - humanised.The problem with this response is that it falsehood.And this answer satisfied 'Who Knows? "Only a short time, so get ready to adjust quickly established in pediatric head knowledge.

Answers Variations

Some people think that this is only until the fall, and once the sun collide with Earth.And some people believe that ... I'm thinking that ... And the Internet is written that ...

excellent answer to an ambiguous question.Responding Thus, we show the child that there are different opinions.We are expanding the horizons of the child and encourage him to their own conclusions and meditation.The problem is that you can not avoid the oncoming children's questions: "Who is right?".

laconic answer essentially

sun can not fall.It is a huge and very far away from us, just think a little.A fall can only be that close to the ground.

This thoughtful, concise and quite truthful answer that in itself - good.You answered essentially simple words.Rather, it wanted your child.Just do not forget to leave room for the children's imagination, a little reticence that interest, intrigue, and after a while the spur to new research.

Do not try to put the baby in place as soon as possible to dismiss him.Pay attention to all this strange, absurd or controversial issues - your child grow thinking person and a worthy companion.

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