A balanced diet - and no starvation!

What you need to look like a supermodel?Besides getting a good genetic inheritance, we still have to work on yourself: a balance between the "perfect diet" and the most appropriate set of fitness exercises.

In honor of the beginning of the summer swimming season to which you want to prepare your figure, we offer you the secrets of diets and tips on diet from 5 famous supermodels Naomi Campbell (Naomi Campbell), Miranda Kerr (Miranda Kerr), Kate Upton (Kate Upton), Sveynpol Candice (Candice Swanepoel) and Joan Smalls (Joan Smalls).

Naomi Campbell

famous "Black Panther" and "queen of the catwalks' loves juices.

«I do not believe in the endless" starvation "and restrictions on food, never done it and I never will," - says Naomi.- "But at my juices activity even increased, I daily doing yoga and pilates.»

Most Campbell loves warm water with lemon, herbal tea, salads, fish or steak and cold fresh vegetable juices.

Miranda Kerr

famous Australian and former wife of Orlando Bloom reveals the secrets of his diet: "I have professionally studied healthy and balanced diet in New York and Australia, so that it's very important.I love salmon, avocado, eggs and green juices, and virtually all put lemon.I used salt abused, but now often replaces it with lemon, which is used as a seasoning.However, I do not deprive myself favorite food - it all just a little, and not all the time.If you focus on the benefit to the body products, do not have to count calories, and from time to time, you can treat yourself to something harmful, but tasty. »

Also, Miranda admitted that usually breakfast drink only warm water with lemon, as ita great start to the day and very helpful, stimulates and cleanses the digestive system."And besides, I'm drinking my cold fresh green juice every day," - said a supermodel.- To squeeze him out of the cabbage, spinach, cucumber, celery and other green vegetables.And after the water with lemon juice and eat green eggs or oatmeal, sometimes - a movie, if you have time.Well, cook the eggs - it's easy, like eggs with avocado.Then I make myself useful cocktail, and that's all I drink and eat during the morning. »

Kate Upton

young, but already very famous supermodel, whose good health allowed her to appear naked in Antarctica, also spoke about her dietsupply.

Kate starts his day with scrambled eggs and green tea, and then bites 10th almond nuts with a green juice.Then for lunch Upton eat quinoa with grilled chicken and vegetables.In 16 hours, she bites protein bars for lunch eating sashimi or cabbage salad with baked salmon and cashews.

Candice Sveynpol

main "angel of Victoria's Secret» says: "I eat whatever I want, but it should still be useful - I always think, what vitamins and minerals are in my diet and what II fill your body.I try to eat plenty of protein, carbohydrate, mineral glucose and fats, such as avocados. »

Breakfast at Candice impressive: eggs, bacon, croissants, coffee and a protein shake."For lunch I eat salad with pieces of chicken or steak and movies, because protein is very important for the body," - says Sveynpol.- "My Lunch menu depends on what I want more than to one or the other day - I try to listen to the wishes and needs of his body, and try to understand what more you want it - pasta or protein.I love a good steak or baked salmon, and anything - with teriyaki sauce! »

And for dessert supermodel allows himself some chocolate or cookies, but always comply with the measure."I'm just taking a little piece if you want something sweet, but refrain from supplements," - says Candice.

Joan Smalls

Puerto Rican supermodel adheres portioned diet.

itself Joanne says on this occasion with a laugh: "My trainer and nutritionist tried to teach me to write my entire daily diet, and I have never performed this task until the end, as the felt guilt for eaten the lunch pizza and rice, or thatmeat, pancakes and bacon.He reprimanded me, saying, where is the vegetables ?!But most importantly, I have my coach yet learned - Portion control, because many people overeat even when it is full.And I started to drink vegetable juices.So, in small steps, and move to a healthy diet! »

So, as you can see, it can be fully fed and do not torment yourself by various (and often dangerous) diets.The main key to success in this, as elsewhere - a balanced menu, contact with his own body and a good sense of proportion.

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