Want Believe it or not

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Would you believe it or not, but it was so ...

2 September 1985.

has come the 2nd day of my work at school as a teacher.I was awarded a class management in the graduating class.The leader of the class was a tall, blond man - Oleg.In those days, building a communist society in the full force of collective farmers in the vast fields of our country.And so it was assumed that the younger generation to know the taste of the employment rate.More Director of the eve of the evening announced that tomorrow we will go to the potatoes in the morning.I was working form by 7.30, but sending postponed until 10 am, as the ground was frost.Probably, at least, it was absurd to contemplate the fragile teacher in rubber boots to 2 sizes larger and sports fleece pants, inspiring students about the benefits of learning English.Remembering the lecture on teaching English in high school, I, I think so skillfully and intelligently students were presented by 8 class new material.For myself, I have noted that students listen carefully and take notes during the lesson in their notebooks.With a sense of self-satisfaction from my work, I strolled between the rows, hiding, however, embarrassed by their attire and perplexed."Why are we so frightened at the Institute of behavior in the classroom of children"?Everyone is sitting, not whispering, no distractions.It's just, I teach, they learn.Somewhere in 5 minutes before the end of the lesson, I saw at the last desk director.That's who was a teacher.When interrupted by a call my shame, I gladly came to the bus, which is already crowded tenth.

Out and director of the school, the students grew quiet, listened to the instructions, safety instruction, and we left the city.Half an hour later the bus stopped near the village, next to the field.That was the beginning of my field of teachers' shares.Sensing their uncertainty, I tried hard voice giving orders to someone who embark on a number of how many buckets of potatoes, pour into each bag as alternate work with rest, etc.Every my disposal Oleg anticipated.We worked as a social heroes.competition, I - in itself, a class by itself.My dissatisfaction with subordinates perceived nod, oh well, they say, you do know.The day ended with Oleg ahead of me checked work and commanded, it's time to go to stop.I left work last object, although the quality of my work, Oleg not tested.To the village where we had to wait for the bus, stretched chain, our group moved past the field where grown clover.And there ... A herd of cows at the head of a bull, scary-looking, seeing raznoshёrstuyu noisy crowd, alert, and the bull toward us, loudly inhaling air nose.I, as a true leader, with loud cries of horror, leaving far behind the class, showing nonweak athletic bearing, fled to the countryside.Closes unusual sprint competition Oleg, distracting the bull.Hiding behind a stop, I watched as the bull, followed by a herd of cows, slow running, lost sight of the violators of their quiet life.He shook his head, turned his back to the bull, cow him.

bus stops for some reason was not.Wait for the male part of the population does not want.Oleg, as if in passing, said."We went on the trolley to the city, and the girls will get to the bus.In my response was outrage: "Come on you»

night I could not sleep.In the morning on a school ruler farm chairman thanked the school for help with the harvest.I was thanked for the excellent organization of students in collecting collective farm potatoes.And then I realized that the authority of the teacher is very important as it is earned over the years.