School health technology in elementary school - one of the components of the modern educational process

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task of the modern teacher in particular and the whole educational process as a whole - not only the education of competent, well-rounded and socially adapted personality that can bring real benefits to their country and their people, but also care about the health, physically fit students, permanentimprove the quality of their lives.Particularly relevant is the issue of protection and support well-being at the primary school level of education - in primary school.

Tasks LAT

The technologies will be in primary school includes a number of tasks, the successful solution of which is now the first place.This includes the development of measures to reduce the risk of possible diseases, injuries that could get the child in educational institutions and elsewhere;unobtrusive, but purposeful propaganda and clear advocacy of a healthy lifestyle;provide the necessary comprehensive assistance for students to expand and develop their abilities;the implementation of an individual approach to the children the account of their physical, mental, emotional and mental state at each stage of primary education.In this context, technologies will be in primary school - one of the modern pedagogy, part of the chain in the theoretical calculations and practical measures affecting all levels of education.Simply put, this special forms, methods and techniques of the organization of training activities that are sure to include teachers in the lesson plan and the Directorate - the development of the regulations of the educational process for a year.

OST in class

dwell on what technologies will be in elementary school may particularly be used in the classroom.It is no secret that the current generation of children even with the age of the garden are extremely weakened.The school, with its exorbitant loads and high demands on the part of teachers' pressure on the fragile body of the child is only growing.Poor concentration, confusion, fatigue, nervousness, and many other painful symptoms - a clear consequence of many factors: environmental instability, poor quality of life, poor material support to the families, the adverse psychological climate, and others. All this should take into account the teacher when planning their work andincluding technologies will in it.In elementary school, it may be music, and games, and fitness pyatiminutki.During the lesson, it is important to alternate stages of active mental work with physical movements.It is also correct to include in the training process and elements of relaxation.The teacher must pay attention to the psychological climate in the classroom, time to defuse the situation, to take stressful situations when they arise.Naturally, the technologies will be implemented in the educational process with proper preparation of school administration timetables.If for any reason it does not meet the requirements of ZOT, the teacher must be able to adjust it, depending on the physical condition of the children in a classroom.For example, if you are on a schedule 3-4 consecutive difficult lesson, he must, at its discretion, replace one of them singing, physical education, etc.

total of OST

In conclusion, it should be noted that the Health-pedagogical technologies affect such areas of the educational process, both optimum hygiene conditions schoolboy, the correct organization of study and physical stress, psychological and pedagogical methods and techniques aimed at providing psychological health.

Adults should never be forgotten: the sensitive, thoughtful, responsible attitude to childhood - the key to a decent future of the country.