Tips: how to grow hair at home

you are tired of your haircut?You met his old friend with chic long hair?Or is acutely aware of the urgent wish to grow a gorgeous head of hair?What if the option to capacity does not suit you, and you want to grow natural hair, get ready for a difficult and laborious work.A The following tips will help you make it much faster and more successfully.

How to grow hair at home

necessary daily and properly care for them.All the tools that you use should be ideally suited to your tresses.To accelerate the growth of hair has developed special tools.We recommend to buy them.Among other things, you have to appear on the shelf mask for strengthening hair balm for washing and a special firming conditioner after washing.All this will help your mane become strong and shiny.Avoid frequent use of hair dryer, hair curlers and hair iron.All these funds dried curls and make them more weak and brittle.

How to grow hair at home fast

shag promote accelerated growth vitamins.Will be an excellent assistant B vitamins, zinc, copper, calcium and magnesium.They need to be regularly taken orally with food.The ideal option would be a balanced diet in conjunction with a special vitamin complex.

If you do not want to think about how to grow hair at home, and you are willing to spend money to visit a beauty salon.Excellent procedure that promotes the accelerated growth of hair - head massage.During this manipulation of the blood rushes to the head, where the hair follicles and stimulates their growth.In addition, the salon offers a variety of treatments with the use of special tools.For example, mesotherapy is able to make curls strength and healthy shine.

How to grow hair at home folk ways

Traditional medicine has long been interested in how to strengthen the hair.Today, there are many ways and means to accelerate the growth of hair.The most popular are various oils.Especially castor and burdock.They have beneficial properties that stimulate hair growth.They are advised to apply even if baldness.From oils can make a warm mask.Good results are obtained when rubbed into the scalp oil of birch buds.

Another effective folk remedy - onion juice.It is used for making masks.Bulbous mush rub the head and go as a couple of hours.Then wash.

There is one secret of how to give your hair shine.Just rinse them with lemon juice.And all your curls shine like in advertising.

for hair growth is also used a decoction of hops and marigold flowers.To do this, mix a teaspoon of calendula with dining hop, then add a little boiling water.Wait until the broth to cool, and wash them down.This feature greatly helps with hair loss.

Now you know how to grow beautiful hair.Be patient, take good care of your curls, do not forget the time to shear off the damaged tips, and your hair will be silky, shiny, healthy and so beautiful, that girls from advertising does not even dreamed of!