How to prepare rolls of beef with mushrooms or cheese: interesting recipes

Surprisingly delicious and beautiful dishes can be obtained by folding of the small stuff meat mass, placing them into a variety of toppings.According to this principle, prepared and beef rolls.As the shell, you can use the whole plate of meat, pre-marinated and slightly repulsed.Also, the original embodiment of the wrapping can be spicy filling in a lot of meat.

rolls of beef with mushrooms

as filling in this dish uses an amazing product - enokitake.This Japanese mushroom white with small caps, and long thin legs.Before wrapping the meat in the stuffing is not further processed.But the sauce, stewed in which the rolls of beef, different special piquancy and saturation.Plates meat (400 g) beforehand slightly repel for obtaining a uniform thin layer, and then place them in 15 a marinade of 1 sauce, 1 h incomplete. l.garlic dry powder 2 tbsp.l.any vegetable (preferably olive) oil.Mushrooms (200 g), prepare for the future size of the rolls.Wrap them tightly in the meat pieces.Allowed protrusion at both edges of 2-3 cm. Quickly fry until golden on the hot oil.Reduced to half-rolls add to the skillet and pour the sauce: 1 cup of water or faceted lean meat broth, 1 full hour. L.corn starch, refined sugar, black freshly ground pepper and salt.Simmer, covered with a lid slightly, about half an hour.

whether and how to make a small loaf of minced meat?

course, much easier to wrap the filling in a cut in thin slices of meat plates.As a rule, they beat off a bit before filling through the plastic film or silicone.It is also possible to impart softness workpiece slightly marinated.But it so happens that does not always have a piece of meat can be cut into neat, uniform in size and thickness of the plates.In this case, you can try another option of cooking.It turns out very tasty and juicy dish when used as the outer layer of stuffing.And to beef rolls well kept form their top additionally wrapped strips of bacon.After roasting the upper layer becomes rosy and strong enough.Due to this conserved inner juiciness as a filler, and ground meat.A detailed recipe for this dish with an indication of the proportions of the ingredients listed below in this article.

composition minced roll

dish consists of three layers.Consider what you need to create each one.

composition colorful and juicy filling:

- 200 grams of fresh mushrooms (best to take mushrooms);

- 2 tbsp.l.refined (odorless) of any vegetable oil;

- 3 large cloves of garlic;

- large bunch fresh spinach (about 150-180 g);

- 2 large fleshy fresh Bulgarian pepper (red);

- 3-4 medium soft sun-dried tomatoes;

- ½ hours or so. L.sodium coarse salt;

- 1 with the top item.l.Italian spicy dry seasoning (can be replaced with Provencal herbs).

minced composition "coat»:

- 1 kg of lean films without streaks and beef;

- 1 fresh egg;

- 1 large clove of garlic;

- a small bunch of herbs (parsley, basil);

- a pinch of dried oregano;

- ¼ h. Liter.acute freshly ground pepper;

- a pinch of cayenne red pepper;

- ½ hours or so. L.salt.

fixing layer composition:

- from 7 to 10 long and narrow pieces of bacon.

cooking mince roll

From the offered products can be prepared in one large roll.In the cooled state, it would be very nice to look at a cross-sliced ​​wafers.If you want to bring to the table rolls of beef with piping hot, take small portions of the workpiece.

Cooking stuffing

Mushrooms clean and chop in small thin slices.Garlic chop with a sharp knife.In hot oil saute the mushrooms quickly evaporating liquid.After 15-20 min.add the garlic, aromatic spices, chopped spinach and salt.Mass stew a few minutes.After cooling, mix with peeled and diced sweet fleshy peppers and sun-dried tomatoes.

layer formation minced meat

Peremel fine (if necessary 2 times) through a meat grinder.Stir in the mass of crushed and chopped garlic, sharp knife visited the herbs, spices and egg.Well repulsed, salt mixture.Spread on a baking sheet parchment paper and spread it on a layer of minced 1.5 cm. Top with stuffing.Carefully lift the parchment, gradually displace the mass.

wrap bacon

Wrap slices of meat product, spiraling.


Place the roll in a preheated oven temperature to medium and cook 50-60 minutes.

How to cook beef rolls with cheese?

Similarly to the first embodiment can be obtained suggested a somewhat different in appearance and taste of the dish.This recipe rolls of beef requires a different stuffing.As a filler, use cheese.It is best to take a hard type, which when heated, melted and transformed into a homogeneous viscous mass.For the filling was completed, it requires a minimum of time, so the meat wrapper for softer need to prepare accordingly.Firstly, it is desirable to use for cooking beef or veal young without streaks or foreign films.When cutting, try to move the fibers and form the same thickness of the workpiece.The pieces are then carefully repel kitchen hammer through the plastic wrap and place in the marinade of wine, vinegar or lemon juice.Cheese grate or dice.Placed on each piece of meat about 1 tablespoon uppersfilling, wrap the product in rolls.Arrange on a baking sheet and bake until done.

Appetizing rolls can be successfully prepared with other fillings.Be creative and have extremely delicious!