Prayer Life-giving Cross Lord close

parallel to our world there is a subtle world of disembodied spirits.They are both light and dark.Find first aid can and should be, for it is usually a prayer to the Guardian Angel.In severe cases, when you need to act quickly, simply Jesus.But if you suspect a demonic presence, then you need a 90-Psalm.The prayer of the Life-Creating Cross.Typically, the second is much easier to learn than a psalm, it is more poetic, imaginative, and therefore more memorable.

right decision

There is evidence, as the Life-Creating Cross prayer to exorcise demons, which sees some of the mentally ill.I myself many times has witnessed quarrels and scandals stopped when I started myself recite this prayer.Demons do not like it.Of course, this is not a spell and "experimenter" is likely to fail.But many believers praying Precious Holy Cross helps a lot.For example, in a situation where you want to do something bad at the moment of moral choice prochityvanie himself this prayer contributes to making the right decision


Strong words

What does this prayer?The believer remembers the glorious miraculous resurrection of Christ and his name makes "wasted" enemies of God - the demons.He summons even a guardian angel, but personally the King of the world, on behalf of whom the demons flee in awe.The very words that refer to God are full strength, you need only read the text carefully to feel the earnest prayer of the Holy Cross works on the subtle world, and to which your own soul.

poetic prayers and images

world of dark creatures compared with wax that melts from the fire.In this specification, the fire - the Divine Presence.Praying the Holy Cross makes demons flee in terror from the person who prays, which must be imposed on the cross.It is a prototype of the terrible cross of Calvary, which has become a symbol of victory over sin and death.Jesus Christ comes to the aid of those who call upon him in prayer, and the image of the great victory of the King scares even higher demons.

between death and resurrection

Prayer Holy Cross recalls the story of the resurrection of God, but rather, about his life between the crucifixion and resurrection.It is known that Christ descended into hell, destroying the universal power of sin, and to save the righteous who were imprisoned there.After all, before this event, even decent people go to hell, but not the worst of his level.Force Devil in this case was dealt a severe blow.This is reminiscent of the text of the prayer.

not play with hellfire

Sam Cross after the incident became vain man to defeat the forces of the dark side.By the way, if you suddenly see a UFO, read the prayer of the Holy Cross.UFOs do not exist in distant galaxies, and together with us, emerge from the subtle world, with a grim him.Just now the demons disguised as aliens, but prayers, holy water, and the priests are afraid of the obvious reason.But it is not necessary to play these games, read newspapers and books, watching movies about UFOs.Do not invoke the demons in his life.