Who owns the title of "The youngest grandmother in the world"?

The youngest grandmother in the world - Rifka Stanescu.World fame has fallen on the Romanian of Roma origin in unexpected ways.And the thing is that in his 23-year anniversary she had become not only a mother, but his grandmother.

When she ran away from home with Ionel Stanescu, seller of jewelery, she was barely eleven years old and newly made groom - thirteen.Though by Roma customs and Rifka has been promised in marriage to another, yet a year later, after his escape, she married Ionel.Soon they had a daughter, and later son.

It should be noted that such early marriages among Roma are absolutely not uncommon for marriage because it is important that the bride was a virgin.Grooms pay for it a decent buy, and if it turns out that the girl was already close with another man, marriage bargain might just hang on.Pretty soon become a mother, Rifka tried diligently to raise a daughter, inspired her thoughts about the necessity of education and about the difficulties of early marriage.However, Maria married even before the mother, and in 11 years gave birth to her firstborn, a son Jonah.Thus, Rifka was awarded as the youngest grandmother in the world.Interestingly, from a young age, Ion has also engaged - so requires gypsy culture and customs.It is therefore possible that Rifka and become the youngest great-grandmother in the world.The title "The youngest grandmother in the world", resulting Rifka Stanescu, officially registered in the Guinness Book of Records.

Unofficial sources

However, according to Wikipedia, one of the wives of high-ranking officials, Nigerian Mum-Zi, became a grandmother even earlier, at age 17, after giving birth to a daughter eight full years and four months.It was a nonsense, but the story is not over.Heredity played a decisive role, and her daughter brought the first-born of eight years and eight months.As such it's hard to believe, because it turns out that the youngest grandmother in the world Mum-Z, one daughter at a time when other children were drawing with crayons in albums and memorized nursery rhymes, but when peers to take their final exams and sewed dresses for schoolBall, she was raised by her grandson!

contest of young grandmothers

Continuing the conversation about young grandmothers, we can not talk about grandmothers beauty contest, held in Brazil.At first glance, it seems that the age of its participants barely reaches 30-year milestone, or even less.In fact, they have become grandmothers in a timely manner, their age ranges on average from 45 to 55 years.Residents of the country, where lots and lots of wild monkeys, break all the stereotypes and ideas about how to look a woman having grandchildren.These beautiful young grandmother act quite frankly swimsuits, allowing you to enjoy beautiful views of the lush manicured forms of sports bodies.It is believed that the ideal figure of Brazilians - a "side effect" of a hot climate, however, it is difficult not to notice the abundance of silicon, traces of plastic surgery and cosmetic braces.Still, they are worthy of admiration, because self-care requires a lot of time!Endless visits to the beautician, the hours spent in the gym, healthy food - all this hard work.Participation in the competition, knowing your ideal perfection of the body and causes the light flawless beauty face of young grandmothers most beautiful smile.